Meet Tomorrow the fairy

This is a picture my daughter made for me. It’s what the main character in my nanowrimo project might end up looking like. Her name is Tomorrow, but she goes by Tommie. She’s an old school fairy in a world where all the fairies look more human now. The others have worked for generations to get taller, have smaller (or no) wings and have more human-like hair and eyes. As a result they have used up most of their magic. Tommie is smaller, her eyes are bigger and she has purple hair and eyes  (or maybe blue, or pink). She is also more powerful so when she tries to use magic the way she is taught things tend to go haywire. All she wants in life is to before a Fairy Godmother. Unfortunately she fails her final exam when she helps the wrong kid. In her journey she meets other fairy tale creatures that want to become godparents too but aren’t allowed. I mean how can a centaur be a fairy godmother? Why would a troll even want to? Will Tommie ever fly? Hopefully I’ll figure it all out by the end of November!

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