Random Clara hating

I can’t stand Clara, does that make me a mean person?

I’m not trying to be mean, I’ve been studying characters in shows and books that I like. It’s so hard for me to see her as anything other than a place holder.I feel like I have no idea who she is. Maybe it’s just me.

Don’t hate me!


  1. Not at all! But I thought they fixed a lot of her ‘girl to throw in peril to move narrative forward’ problems this series round… Still, she took away from my Capaldi time. I could watch that man read War and Peace for 8 hours and still be entertained.

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  2. OMG! You like Doctor Who! Awesome! I haven’t gotten to Clara yet… I’m still trying to start Season 7. I had a hard time getting through Season 6 because I’m still mourning 10 regenerating into 11. But I saw Clara in the 50th Anniversary movie, but it wasn’t enough to establish a formal opinion on her. Rose is my fave to date!

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