Wrong Answer Buddy!

Okay, I thought I wasn’t going to write about Nanowrimo for a year but I was wrong. I recently, as in a few minutes ago, had a Facebook comments conversation with a guy in my Nano region. He stated that he had an idea at 3 am. He kept his pregnant wife up for three hours talking about it. This conversation made him get his inspiration back, but he was disappointed that it happened three days after nanowrimo ended (Yes, I’m overwhelmed by all the 3’s too). Someone said he didn’t need nanowrimo to write a novel. I said he wins at life because he got his writing mojo back. He said –

“But I didn’t win NaNo. That’s the bigger prize.”

WHAT? There is something wrong with that attitude. Winning a made up competition with yourself is a bigger prize than massive inspiration? That’s crazy talk. To my way of thinking you can write a novel any time you want. All you need is an idea, a ton of effort, and at some point, a critical eye. Maybe some sweat, tears and blood, or a tiny piece of your soul. Feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t write like a crazy person for a single month in the year is ridiculous. I look over my the stuff I wrote during nano and I see a lot of crap writing. I see rushed desperation. I don’t even want to call it a rough draft. It’s a rough rough draft. I’m happy to have it, don’t get me wrong but if I didn’t I certainly don’t think I would feel like that guy does. I’ve failed nanowrimo before. I saw it as a learning opportunity. That’s enough ranting for now. I think I’ll get back to super editing.


  1. I really wanted to do nanowrimo but at the beginning of Nov, i had no ideas, no plot and was super lethargic mentally. So, i had to let it go. I thought, i can do it at a slower pace and at another time.


  2. NaNo is only a catalyst. A friend of mine did it for the first time, “won,” and now thinks she’s ready to publish. It’s a great event to get you started, but the work definitely extends beyond November! I’ve gotten 2 successful finished drafts out of NaNo, but they are NOWHERE close to being completed. I never really view it as “winning” just because there’s so much left to do. The first time I came out of NaNo having actually ended the book, I felt so let down. It’s a good event, but it’s not magic!

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