Re-plotting Update

I’ve been writing out notes but today is the day I buckle down and really get to the business of re-plotting the middle grade story. I already have the beginning and ending (hopefully) that I want. It’s the middle that is giving me so many problems. This is the beginning of a series and there is a lot to introduce. One of the things concerning me is that I’m afraid I have too many characters. It’s pretty much an ensemble but one is The main character. The first story is about her but includes three new friends she makes. As I’ve been working on this even that is making me unsure. There will be one or two new characters in each story. I want to have Tommie the fairy be the common thread. This started out as her story. The problem is as I have written scenes and snippets as they come to me, I keep wondering if she should really be the main character in each book. No matter what I’ll use Tommie to tie everything together but we’ll see what happens. The whole thing could change after today.


  1. Every writer goes through this. In my second e-novel I needed a character as a plot point. She would send my two lead characters to San Francisco to find somebody they were looking for. But when I wrote the scene the character dominated in a way I did not expect. I knew I could not get rid of her. I changed the story. She was no longer a plot point. I brought her back from time to time for a change of pace. She was my strongest character even if she was not the lead. I am also using her in my current work in progress. Writers have said that a minor character can work their way into a story-something I never believed until I started writing and experienced that myself. My thinking is don’t out think yourself. Let your characters determine what will happen.

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  2. I came up with a general idea but came up with the ending first and now working on a way to get to the ending I want… however, it will probably be the ending that changes. Good luck and just keep writing. You will find your fit and get that flow going. If you do have several characters it may interesting to see their stories down the line as well. Good luck again and Happy Writing!

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  3. Ugh! That dreaded middle. The lead-ins that can make or break the ending. I totally feel your pain, seem like you’re handling it extremely well. Good job! Good luck!

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  4. I don’t know if you’ve ever read any series by Dianna Wynne Jones, but almost all of them have basically what you’re describing: different main characters in each book, with a couple of characters that tie the series together by still being part of the story. It actually works really well. ^-^

    I think the Chrestomanci series and the trilogy that starts with Howl’s Moving Castle are probably the best examples. Good luck!

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