Write Anything Wednesday #4

As always on Wednesdays I ask you to write something. Anything. If you can only write a sentence, that’s okay. If you can work that into a paragraph, even better. I encourage you to write as much as you can, as often as you can. I know life is busy but if you can slip in even a tiny bit of writing time then you’re doing good. It doesn’t have to be a story. Work on an outline or synopsis. Edit something you’ve already written if you need to.

If you need a prompt:

  • Rewrite a flash fiction story you’ve already written, without looking at the original.
  • Write one dramatic scene twice with only one character in it, once with that character as a male, once as a female.
  • Use the picture. Look at those ominous clouds. There are so many stories or poems waiting to be told about that!

Good luck and as always, feel free to share what you wrote.


  1. It’s not Wednesday, but I’m so behind from the year-end madness! (On my dedication page for my soon to be released YA series novel: “Delilah, Astral Investigator, Infinity Series”):

    To all whom have dreamed of different realities,
    Yet knew within their souls,
    The dream was the reality;
    And realities are endless.
    You, dear ones, have glimpsed Infinity!

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