New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

There are millions of resolutions being posted today. Here is mine anyway. I have a couple of resolutions and some goals.


  • Write more. Write everyday, no matter what, even on my husband’s days off.
  • Get organized. This does NOT include my desk but does include my closet! Mostly I need to organize my tons of books and office supplies.


  • Finish first story in my middle grade series, and revise it.
  • Write the rough drafts of the second, third and fourth in that series. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. I have the bones to the stories already.
  • Finish rough draft of my fantasy story. This is your typical fantasy thing. Ensemble cast.  A few dragons. Good against evil. A long quest to find important artifacts. Magic. Awesome locations.
  • Figure out if one of the characters in the fantasy story will keep the name Zanne or if I need to rename her. Same with Darian.
  • Come up with a solid outline for a YA project. This matters because I’ve been writing it with no planning. I don’t want to lose where I’m going with it.
  • Join and participate in a critique group. I’m being pressured to join now (in the best possible way), but I’ve been too chicken to do it. This should probably be a resolution.
  • More flash fiction.

I have other goals that have nothing to do with writing but I left them off this list because they are only of interest to me and my family. Good luck with your goals and resolutions. Happy New Year!


  1. Your last resolution, to write more flash fiction, is a good one. I tackled that goal a couple of years back, and was amazed at how hard it is to construct a readable story arc in such a brief work. It’s excellent discipline, as well as a good way to give readers something worthwhile with such a small investment of time.

    Best of luck with your resolutions!

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