Writing Update

The roads are covered in ice and we have two winter storms moving together. I’m not going anywhere today. I’m going to take advantage of this weather-induced house arrest and write all day today. Everything in the middle grade story is plotted out. All I have to do is write from slightly past the middle to right before the ending. Since I have all this time today, I wish I was Stephen King. If I was, then I would have the thing written, edited, put aside and be working three books down the line. I am close though. I have the bones of the story, and a lot written. It needs a lot of setting work and I need to cut out half the dialog. I’m one of those writers that ends up with 90% dialog before writing settings, descriptions, etc.

So I will write as long as I can in that story, and if I get tired of it, then I’ll work on my flash fiction issues. Maybe the fantasy story. I’ve been letting that one simmer in the back of my head for a while. I may wait until tomorrow for that one because in the morning I plan to write the back story for a sea dragon. She’s an important minor character.

I know I probably shouldn’t switch back and forth between books but most of the time it works for me.


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