Write Anything Wednesday #6

It’s Wednesday and it’s the perfect day to write. I know not everyone has the time to write every day. Hopefully you can find time to write at least once a week. Why not Wednesday? If you’re too busy today, try another day of the week. Pick a day that you have the least to do and set aside some time, maybe an hour, and write something. Anything at all. You could write a random scene or chapter. A paragraph written is more than you had before right? Write a poem if that’s your thing. If you make it a weekly thing then it becomes part of your schedule and you will always get some writing in. Of course, if you’re trying to write a novel, you should write every day, even if only for a few minutes. I personally try to write every day but it’s not always possible. To make sure that I keep some kind of schedule I always write on Wednesdays and Saturdays, hence the two prompt days. If you don’t have a dedicated amount of time, my advice is as you can, make a list of the things you want to write about. If you’re like me, ideas pop up randomly. Write them down, every time. Then you can come back to it later and not have to worry about forgetting.

If you need a prompt:

  • Describe the taste of your favorite fruit to someone who doesn’t eat fruit. Odd you say? I would agree, but one of my brothers does not eat fruit, ever. I don’t think he knows what most fruits taste like.
  • I like these weird POV prompts so…Write a scene in the point of view of a piece of paper that a love note is being written on. Or POV of the pen.
  • If someone you didn’t like could suddenly read your mind, what kind of conversation would you be forced to have?

Happy writing!


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