Critique Group Update

I went to the second critique group meeting. It was the first time we actually talked about our work since the first one we went over rules and handed out our stories. It went really well. I was extremely nervous before it started but I got over it much quicker than I thought I would. The critiques I got were helpful. I knew I needed to add description but I didn’t realize that I never indicated the age of my characters in the scene. It’s a silly thing not to notice but this is my nanowrimo rough draft we’re talking about. I was so busy trying to reach my word count goals, I went right past it. Today actually verified a developing opinion of nanowrimo. Concentrating on word count sucks. I would have quality over quantity. Tangent!! Anyway, luckily for me, the others in the group weren’t afraid to tell me about bad punctuation and incorrect word usage. It was also really nice to hear the good things about what I wrote. Sometimes I concentrate on only the bad stuff and forget that there can even be good. Maybe I really am as funny as I think I am 😉

Reading the other writers’ work was interesting. It’s nice to see different styles and other levels of writing. I’m super curious about what happens next in each story. I’m glad I joined this group and I look forward to all that I’m going to learn.

On that note, Ray, if you read this, I want to smack you for not bringing chapter two today.


  1. Well. WELL. I want to smack all of you for liking that first chapter. It almost makes me want to go and finish that book before I write this thriller. I’m tempted to bring chapter two in next week to see if the pacing and flow keep going well, as I’m sure it doesn’t. I’m positive it becomes horrible, and you’ll all stab me with plastic utensils for ruining what you thought was shaping up to be a decent novel. Hurumph, and whatnot.

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  2. It’s good that you are able to put you’re work forward for criticism. I stagnated for years because I could not put my work out there. It’s an invaluable part of the growth process.

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