Write Anything Wednesday #7

Today you are going to write something, anything. Do some flash fiction or a short story if you have time. Free write if your time is limited. If you lean towards poetry, write a new one, or polish up an older one. Make an outline or character sketch. I know I suggest the same things week to week but the point it to get into the habit of writing regularly. So doing the same, or similar things every Wednesday is not a bad thing. If you only write for blogs, then write a few for your backlog so you always have something to post when life gets too crazy. Take advantage of lulls to get your writing in. For example, if you have a long commute and you’re driving alone, you could get a speech recognition program and talk/write during your drive. The newest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking lets you use your smartphone to dictate. I met a woman who wrote a novel, in about a year, during her two-hour drive from where she lived to another city that she worked in a few days a week, using that program. If you ride a bus or train, get a word processing app on your phone and use it to at least get those random thoughts down. The important thing is to write. Today is a good day for me. If it’s not for you, pick another and make it your “I’m going to write on this day every week no matter what” day. Just write whatever it is you write. If you need a prompt:

  • What if not being like everyone else was a crime? I used one like this a couple of days ago and I loved the idea so much I’m going to turn it into a short story instead of just a flash fiction. For me it was ‘what if not having a sense of humor (not laughing at a joke) was a punishable crime? You could use anything you want. It could be anything from not styling your hair the same way to wearing the wrong type of socks. Or something silly like, people who don’t like ketchup are taboo. Maybe non-creative people are outcasts. If you come up with something crazy amazing, SHARE it!
  • Write a scene, story, paragraph, etc that starts with: “I can’t help myself.”
  • Normally when you say maybe, are you leaning more towards yes or no?
  • Do an essay on whether you love or hate or don’t care about bullet points in a blog. and why. We clearly know how I feel about them.

Happy writing.


  1. Great advise!
    I’ll use this evening for writing some stub-like posts which I can use when I won’t have enough time to completely start from scratch.

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  2. The day is made for growing with spring knocking at my door
    The sky is dark and clouded; the rain serenely pours
    The flowers gently peek from their winter’s hiding place
    The trees start to bud amidst pines of lasting lace
    The rain is bring growth to every flower, bush, and tree
    The creeks and rivers flow with eternal life to be
    Hushed birds and creatures seek shelter from the rain
    The gloom of the morning is reflected in the terrain

    The dark clouds gently part and a golden glow is seen
    The raindrops leave the forest bright and pristine
    Life is ever renewing as a rainbow fills the sky
    Light fills the heavens and the world comes alive
    As the clouds drift away, beauty it brings
    The world is quiet ’till the birds begin to sing

    Deborah A. Bowman, 2015 (rewritten this morn for you from a poem I wrote at 12 years old. It’s lovely to remember and share.)

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      1. Evelyn, love your site! So beautiful, so proper, so British! I just downloaded “Ten English Tales” to enjoy and do a review. I love writing in distinct voices. You’ll probably laugh, but I just published “The Boy and the Shopkeeper,” Episode 1 of Delilah, Astral Investigator, Infinity Series, which has a Young British Lord from 1774 in Colonial America. If you want to giggle at my attempt at ole’English vs. a modern American teenager, check it out. Amazon.com/dp/B00TVULOQY


  3. Probably the wrong thread but here is my new poem,
    Road to Nowhere/ to Anywhere Left Behind.

    Travelling the road,
    Black tar-mac,
    Trundling the highway
    To nowhere. Reaching
    For the lever,
    Changjng up gears.
    Wheels rolling,
    Eating the miles.
    Where you come from,
    Is it still there?
    Road to nowhere,
    Where does it begin?
    Trucks, cars, anything inbetween,
    Burning up rubber,
    Squealing brakes
    Bring you to standstill.
    Nothing moves,
    You wait and you wait.
    Fingers drum the wheel,
    Radio sings to you.
    Empty crisp packet
    Crackles beside you.
    Moving again,
    Lorry overturned!
    No one hurt, thank God
    For that. Could easily be me!
    Truck stop beckons,
    Need some refreshment.
    Back on the black,
    Here I go again,
    Onwrds to nowhere,
    Travelling day to day.
    Drive in, unload,
    Drive out, on you go.
    Neverending tarmac,
    Black and grey,
    Taking the day.
    Cars, tractors, lorries
    And all manner,
    Villages, towns,
    Cities, harbour.
    Dockside delivery,
    Tomorrow, ferry.
    Always travelling,
    Road user, extraordinaire.

    Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2015.


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