Critique Group Update

The group did the second critique today. I don’t know how it went to be honest. There were so many conversations going on that it was hard to differentiate or even hear the things I needed to. It doesn’t help that I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear. Nor was it good that the place we meet at was crowded today. Most of the people who critiqued my work wrote notes for me. I’ll read them in a little while and I’m hoping they were detailed.

I have a dilemma now. I have to decide if continuing to attend this group will work for me. I’m sad at the thought of leaving but I may have to.

On a lighter and better note, I’m getting better at giving critiques. Receiving them was astoundingly easy. I thought I would freak out the first time but I was never uncomfortable and I haven’t gotten my feelings hurt yet. I still think it’s a necessary step for me. Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad. We shall see.


  1. I used to hate getting critiqued. But then I discovered constructive criticism and realized it was because the critiques I had received were either unhelpful or overtly negative. Remembering back, I should have got the clue when a teacher introduced us to ‘warm fuzzies’. It’s a shame you were having difficulty because of hearing though. I have the same problem in loud environments; although it’s because I have hyperacusis rather than actual hearing loss. You really lose out when you can’t follow the conversations around you. Maybe you could suggest a quieter place next time?

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