Flash Fiction – Beauty Is Pain

In the air I’m tasting your perfection. I once thought you were meant to be savored. I couldn’t stop myself from touching you. Why did I think it wouldn’t hurt? I was stupid to miss it. The signs were there. Maybe I believed I was somehow special enough to be the exception to the rule.

I’ll admire you from a distance. As beautiful as you are, as sweet as you smell, bandages are expensive and cuts on my fingertips really freaken hurt. I don’t care if Valentine’s Day is coming up, next time I’m getting carnations. They don’t have thorns!

I haven’t tried to write a 100 word flash fiction piece in a while so I thought I would do so today. I finished at 99 actually! This was the result of a prompt that said to pick a song and use the first line to start your story. The song is Collective Soul – Why Pt. 2. I never did like roses. I like flowers with character, like tiger lilies, which have freckles. (Yep, biased redhead here)

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Don’t forget the Six Minute Challenge tomorrow!

Update (10 minutes after posting): I edited, it’s now exactly 100 words.

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