Books I Should Have Already Read

I’m going to start a new adventure today. I’m going to read all the books I should have already read. Let me give you a little background on this. I am a voracious reader. I love to read, and if the book is amazing, reread. I couldn’t guess how many I have but on my paperback bookcases, every shelf is double stacked two rows deep. If I could fit three I would. I have a very unnecessary fireplace that is deeply inset. That became a book area as well. Not to mention my Kindle.

I am buying more bookcases this week but it won’t fix the issue very much, and I’ll be filling them up again soon enough. I see no problem with this. If the rest of my family wouldn’t object I would replace sitting furniture with bookcases. There are six of us so unfortunately I cannot do that.

As you can probably imagine, I’ve read a lot of books. However, I haven’t read all the books I want to, or should have read. There are many reasons why. Some books I just haven’t gotten to. Some I haven’t yet bought for various reasons. At least one I’ve actively resisted for fifteen or so years. I’ll admit to some genre snobbery. I don’t read certain types, or at least I didn’t. I’m broadening my horizons. For many years, I’ve stuck to fantasy with a bit of science fiction sprinkled in here and there.

Now I’ve decided that I’m not buying another book (HA) until I read the several sitting on my to-read pile. The notable exceptions are additional books in a trilogy or series.

I’m beginning with Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, Book One of The Broken Empire.

I bought this book quite some time ago. At the time of purchase I also picked up five other books. This and one other were the ones that I was most intrigued by. There was only one problem. I don’t really like reading novels written in first person. It’s not that I think it’s such a bad thing, and I’ve certainly read books that were in first that were amazing. I happen to prefer third person. Third person limited if I get really choosy. Think of all the great books I’ve missed out on because of this!

So I read the other one first, not knowing that life would get in the way of the rest.

By the time I was ready for this one, I had read many reviews and was really excited about it. However, a new problem reared its ugly head. Time. When I get into a new series I want to read ALL of it. I was so interested that I didn’t want to start reading it without having the rest of his books and I knew I wouldn’t be able to binge read for a while. So I waited a bit. Life didn’t cooperate and I never got around to getting the rest of the trilogy.

A little side note here: The other three books I bought with this one are sitting on my bookshelf unread as well. Plus a few more.

I haven’t purchased book two or three of The Broken Empire as of yet, and I have a feeling I’m going to be very upset that they are not on hand. The closest bookstore to me is across town!

My plan is to read the book and write a review. Then read the rest of his books and do the same.

I follow Mark Lawrence on various social media outlets. I really like how he engages his readers. If you’re interested in following him as well, here is a list of various places to find him.

Blog, Twitter, Facebook

For my own accountability I’m going to list all the books I have on hand that I am going to read and review. With the exception of #1, there is no particular order. I’ll go by whatever mood I’m in.

  1. Mark Lawrence – Prince of Thorns (plus his other novels)
  2. Neil Gaiman – American Gods
  3. Neal Stephenson – Snow Crash
  4. Kevin Hearne – Hounded
  5. Michael J. Sullivan – Rise of Empire (this is book 2)
  6. Daniel Abraham – The Dragon’s Path
  7. Joe Abercrombie – The Blade Itself: The First Law: Book One
  8. Scott Lynch – The Lies of Locke Lamora
  9. N.K. Jemisin – The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Three of those are written in first person! Obviously I’m concentrating on fantasy, but if anyone wants to tell me about an amazing book I should read, in any genre, I’m open to recommendations.

There are a few more that will probably be added to the list soon. There are at least four books I want that I’ve been waiting on the entire series to be published before starting. I’ll be mad at Peter V. Brett and Brent Weeks until I get my hands on book four from each of them, as soon as they are published! Also, Patrick Rothfuss. I’m dying to know when book three comes out.

This will become a regular feature. At this point, I don’t want to commit to a specific timetable. I read extremely fast and if it were based solely on that, I would do reviews once a week. Unfortunately, as stated above, life gets in the way and I might not be able to read as often as I want to. My own writing has to be my priority. More than likely it will be a once a month thing. If I don’t get to read at least one book a month I get really crabby and no one in my life wants that so I should be able to swing it. Besides, all writers should read, so I will approach this like it is part of my job.

So I’m off to read Prince of Thorns now. If you don’t hear from me for a while, don’t worry. That only means I’m lost in what I have a feeling is going to be a truly incredible story.


  1. Ditto regarding overfull bookcases around the house. Managed a couple on the landing as well as every other room – did find out bathroom shelves NOT a good idea. Stack double and then put a layer on top – should give you some precious extra space. Enjoy the book. I too can’t imagine life without books and read constantly and my poor Kindle wish list is nearing 100!

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  2. I made a similar goal this year. ^-^ Although all of my books are still boxed up, so I have a unread books box to go through. The Lies of Locke Lamora is also on my list! ^-^

    Also, I feel like you should look up floating bookshelves. You’d like them. ^-^

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  3. Good luck with your goal! I have a bad habit of buying too many books and not reading them! Luckily, however, right now I’m away from home and cant buy physical books so it forces me to read what I get from the library. Which has been more productive and cost effective. Although, I did go on a kindle buying spree the other day. Woops haha

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  4. I am a collector of classical literature…There is never enough time to capture even a small percentage of the wisdom and beauty that has written our history. Realizing it and making a commitment to grasp what you can while you can will enrich your life tremendously AND make you a better writer.


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