Write Anything Wednesday #9

You know what to do. Write something today, anything. Even if it will only lead to something creative later, write it down. Tell your distractions to buzz off (nicely) and get the kind of work done that you want. If you don’t normally do outlines, try it out, or perhaps use plot cards. If you’re like me and put off writing a detailed setting, take today to add description to at least one scene. I talked about this in a previous post, if you are having trouble with a revision, read your story, scene, paragraph out loud. Hopefully that will help. If you see something odd today, write about it, or make a note of it to use later. For myself, I’ll be working on my new project. It’s coming along nicely and hasn’t kicked me in the shins yet.

If you want a prompt:

  • Write a piece for or against typewriters.
  • How about an article on the difference between pansexual and bisexual. Feel free to share a link to it with me as I actually need to know this stuff for a project and I’m looking for different points of view.
  • You know that “I love you more” fight? Write a short story about what happens when someone actually wins that argument.
  • Use the picture. Anyone know where it was taken or what it represents?

Happy writing!


  1. Not to be confused with pensexuality (an attraction to pens and pencils—yes some people really fall in love with writing tools), pansexuality includes every human (legal, that is), trans or not, and rejects the “binary gender” altogether; its symbol actually combines the two genders.

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  2. Write Anything Wednesday

    I can write anything on Wednesday with my subconscious talking,
    Whispering in my ear as we go walking
    Hand-in-hand through forgotten pathways in my mind.
    We find secret passageways where we can rewind
    Sweet memories from long ago…another time, another place.
    We were yet as one, but the reflection in the mirror is another face.

    I know that I have lived before, this essence that is me,
    And I will live again when this body ceases to be.
    I truly hope this time around, the depth of my soul
    Has learned something to help me control
    The subconscious that dominates and leads me
    On the same journey, without evolving into a new destiny.

    –Deborah A. Bowman, copyright 2015

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