Write Anything Wednesday #11

It’s Wednesday, the perfect day to write! I was asked why I picked hump day to post this every week. What’s so special about Wednesday? Nothing. Everything. Any day you write is good but the middle of the week is a little different. It’s not quite the weekend, so it’s harder to see the light of Saturday at the end of the tunnel. It’s not the beginning of the week, so it’s not as soul crushing as Monday can be.

For me, it was previously the day I got the least amount of work done. So I embraced Wednesdays to write. It’s a nice little boost of accomplishment right when I need it most. I figured I wasn’t the only one that needed that so I started Write Anything Wednesday on the blog to help encourage others.

As I’ve said many times, if Wednesday doesn’t work for you, pick another day. Make it your every week writing day. Decide it’s part of your schedule so you will have that to look forward to every week. Even if you can’t write any other time, you’ll have your one day.

That said, I have no idea if I’ll be writing today. I may have to pick another day temporarily. My mother is having major surgery today and I’ll be at the hospital until they kick me out, (mom or the hospital staff). I’ll bring my writing paraphernalia but I don’t know how much I’ll be able to concentrate. I will try.

If you would like a prompt for the day:

  • Write about how you deal with a loved one being ill, or having surgery.
  • Tell me why you’re a pantser, or a plotter, or an in-betweener
  • Write a scene, using a pen (or computer if you normally use a pen)

Happy writing!

Sidenote: Another question I get occasionally is why I do the Wednesday thing and the Saturday Six Minute Challenge and how are they different. In a way, they are the same, both are meant to encourage you to write. Where they differ is I suggest Wednesdays (or what works for you) to be a day you set aside time to write, every week, same time, and get as much work done as possible. Saturdays, for me, are about squeezing in writing anywhere and everywhere you can. Most people are busy on the weekend, doing the things they couldn’t do during the week. So fitting in six minutes here and there may be all the time we get to write. If you are super busy on Wednesday and not on Saturday, flip them around. Just write!


  1. The bright orb of sunlight, filtering down.
    More poeple driving off into town.
    So roads are fuller of life’s busy throng,
    Glad in the heart, just singing along
    As radio waves burst forth with glee,
    Songs of the moment. Happy they be.
    Spring in the air, bounce in the step,
    Full vim and vigour, plenty of pep!
    Streets become crowded as people pass by,
    Eating a sandwich, shouting to friends ‘Hi’.
    Oh for the joy, the warm weather hum,
    Gone for the season, no longer humdrum.
    Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward February, 18-2-15.

    Not six minutes, but creative.

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  2. Wednesdays are meant to write. But
    running around constantly makes
    it hard to find that sweet spot
    to write anything meaningful.
    Insight to one’s own writing comes
    never at one’s command. But if one can
    go write today.

    (Jeez, I’m really getting into this whole acrostic poetry form.)

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