Books I Should Have Already Read – Update

I promised an update when I figured out which book I would read and review for next month, so here it is, hopefully. It all started out well enough. I picked up American Gods by Neil Gaiman and started reading. I actually started this book months ago and had to put it down after a day or so. At the time I told myself it was because I was so busy, but I read through a very long series afterwards.

Not really remembering all that I went to my bookmark then turned back a full chapter so I could refresh my memory of the book. I tried, I really did, but I could not seem to really get into it. I’m sure the book is super amazing and makes you think and analyze life and you become a better person when you’re finished reading it, but, no.

It broke my cardinal rule when it comes to books. I was bored! Even when reading interesting passages, the tedium was killing me. I wanted so badly to like and appreciate it but quite frankly I hated it. My bookmark sits in almost the exact middle of the book. Never in my life have I not finished a book once I got that far. If I get a quarter of the way through I still keep reading. Not with this one.

It’s strange, I almost feel guilty. Except that I really don’t. The point of all this is I can’t review a book I didn’t finish reading.

So I grabbed another book from my list and started it. The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham. It hooked me in the first paragraph and firmly had my attention by the end of the prologue. I’m only on page 58 but I suspect I will not have any trouble finishing this one. A review will be forthcoming sometime in March, probably the first week.

Maybe someday I’ll pick up American Gods again. I do know I’m willing to read other books by the author.

If you’re reading this wondering what on earth I’m talking about or want to see the full list of books I should have already read, go here.

P.S. My wrists are still giving me problems (see previous post from today) and it’s super hard to type so this is what I wrote for my six minutes today. I’m so happy to have done any writing so I’m not going to beat myself up about this time.

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  1. Hahaha, that’s not a very good introduction to Neil Gaiman! American Gods is not his best work.

    Try Coraline. 🙂 I feel like he does better when he’s not trying to sound “grown up”.

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