Only Important To Me Update

I recently got three new bookshelves. As I’m sure most of you will understand, this only partially fixed the problem. I will still have to double stack but I won’t have to have two rows and two columns on every shelf (only half of them). Knowing myself well, I can tell you this post will not be accurate after six months or so. There are worse vices.


  1. My wife has the same problem. Wherever you look, books, books and books.
    Hey! What’s this? Ah, another book of her. She also need more shelves.

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  2. All of my books live in crates that I buy from Staples and then stack on their sides. XD When I run out of room, I just buy a new crate…. But these days I buy most of my books in ebook format, so I’m not as bad as I used to be!

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