Write Anything Wednesday #12

You know what to do. Write. Anything. Something complete if you can swing it. The point is to set aside time today, or any day that works better for you, and write as much as you can. Set a reasonable goal and meet it. My goal is to finish an outline for my new project. If I accomplish that, I’ll work on the outline for another piece. If I actually manage that as well, I’ll work on what I am supposed to be working on — my fantasy novel. What matters is that I get some writing done, same for you all.

If you don’t have a current project — start one. Flash fiction is always a good choice. If you only write for your blog — write some back up posts.

If you would like a prompt:

  • Make a scene using a character whose only flaw is they do everything right. Be extreme.
  • Write a piece for or against gun control.
  • Use the picture below. I found this note on my table one day. What would you do if you found it?


Happy writing, or if you’re working on something creepy (as I am), I hope you freak yourself out writing!

Personal Update: I finally don’t have to wear splints on my wrists all day so typing is much easier. Which is why my goals might seem a little lofty. I have a lot of catching up to do.


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