Writing Update

I haven’t gotten a ton of actual writing accomplished lately but I’ve done a lot of world building and character sketching. One of my characters informed me the other day that she is the granddaughter of a demigod. Suddenly she went from boring and closed off, to cool and intriguing. The cool part is literal. Now I just need to figure out if freezing a pirate ship, then super-heating it, would make it explode.

The writing class I’m taking is going well but I’m a little impatient. I can’t access next weeks lesson until Friday and I’m the type to do pretty much everything quickly. It’s actually good for me to be forced to slow down and take my time.

I haven’t written any flash fiction since Celyn’s Tower because the lesson I’m on has to do with coming up with ideas. I’ll put those ideas to use next week. After that, I’ll have a bunch of leftover stuff to work with. Maybe you all should be prepared for an onslaught of short stories from me at that point.

I’ve had almost no motivation today, which is a direct result of me adjusting to a new allergy medication, but I intend to write something (other than this post) today. Perhaps I should write about how much new meds suck! The last time I was unmotivated I met up with some people from my writing group. That helped a lot with encouragement, ideas and research possibilities. Thanks to Michelle and David! Hopefully I can manage something like that again this week.

The kids are home for spring break so I will be quite distracted. Actually, since they have been marathoning Steven Universe, I’ll probably close my door, stuff a towel under it and put on headphones. I don’t think I’ve despised a show they watch this much since Ed, Edd and Eddie. I also hear the season premiere is coming up with a crossover with Uncle Grandpa. You know, suddenly spending eight hours at Starbucks is sounding pretty appealing.

For fans of the aforementioned shows, don’t be insulted. I have no clue if the plot is any good because I can’t get past the voices to actually watch an episode. Let me also add that my daughter has this tendency to watch the same episode repeatedly. By repeatedly I mean several times in a row, with the loudest most annoying parts being rewinded and replayed TOO MUCH! No really, 8-10 times!

A minor update on the latest book I plan to review this month: I’m struggling. It’s not bad, there are definitely interesting parts, but it’s not keeping my attention. I’ve been very busy and I’m trying to be fair but I don’t think it’s my life that distracting me from it. There is some intangible thing that holds your attention in a really good book that this one seems to be lacking. I’m barely halfway through and normally I read books in a day or two, maybe four if I’m busy. I’ve been trudging through the current one for much longer. There are two characters that I truly don’t care about and one that I am curious about so we’ll see.

The last little update is I’m learning to use Reddit. I’m so lost in it, but I figure if I could learn Twitter, I can learn anything!

Now that I have all of that out of my system, I’m going to go make myself write something creative. Wish me luck!

Sidenote question: Am I the only one that doesn’t like the changes to the screen where you make a new blog post? I liked the panel being on the right! I love using WordPress but I wish they would quit messing with my ‘creature-of-habit’ issues!

I feel like I abused punctuation with this post. That’s what happens when you sit down to write something with no plan.


  1. I also hated Ed, Ed and Eddy. I couldn’t get past the animation style. Shudder.

    Good luck with your writing. 🙂 And yes, the panel being on the opposite side of the new post page is strange. It feels like every other day there’s something altered on WordPress. Why they don’t just leave it alone is beyond me. What does it matter which side of the page the panel is on, to them, anyway?

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