Write Anything Wednesday #15

Today you are going to write something, anything. Do some flash fiction or a short story if you have time. Free-write if your time is limited. If you lean towards poetry, write a new one, or polish up an older one. Make an outline or character sketch. If you only write for blogs, then write a few for your backlog so you always have something to post when life gets too crazy. Take advantage of lulls to get your writing in.

I know not everyone has the time to write every day. Hopefully you can find time to write at least once a week. Why not Wednesday? If you’re too busy today, try another day of the week. Pick a day that you have the least to do and set aside some time, maybe an hour, and write something. Anything at all. A paragraph written is more than you had before, right? If you make it a weekly thing then it becomes part of your schedule and you will always get some writing in.

If you don’t have a dedicated amount of time, my advice is as you can, make a list of the things you want to write about. If you’re like me, ideas pop up randomly. Write them down, every time. Then you can come back to it later and not have to worry about forgetting.

If you already write every day then maybe Wednesday can be set aside for specific projects. For example, today could be used for flash fiction if you are working on a novel the rest of the week. Perhaps it’s a good day to get out of the house and write somewhere new.

If you would like to use a prompt:

  • Your character is walking through a forest when he/she/it comes across a large box in the middle of the path. What’s in it? Is is dangerous?
  • Write a flash fiction piece on ONE index card.
  • Use the picture below. Are you glad spring is slowly appearing?


Happy writing!


  1. Just had time to write a poem.

    Pause, if you’re thinking the road ahead
    Is the path you trully must travel.
    Stop just a moment to think with your heart,
    Where truth is. A tale to unravel.
    For surely the purpose of mindblowing thoughts,
    Is to show you a straight road to follow.
    Drawn are the weary, from bends in the path
    To trudge through hillside or hollow,
    To find a true pathway, a choice for the soul,
    A journey the weary must take
    To find a new destiny, far far ahead,
    Forgetting mistakes that you make.
    Backwards, forwards, which is the way,
    A pupose, so follow it blind.
    All the deceptions, the wearisome foils,
    Are only the lies of the mind.

    Copyright Evelyn J Steward. March, 2015.


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