Flash Fiction – Friday Night

Lily heard a sound behind her, near the fence. Moving her head slowly she looked back. Nothing was there, but then, her night vision wasn’t the greatest. Still she knew someone was there. Even if she couldn’t see them yet, they would come for her. The Thompson boy and his friends, or the dreaded Baker kids. Each had been harassing her almost every Friday night since they were old enough to like girls.

She didn’t know why she put up with their nonsense. Maybe tonight she wouldn’t. As she built up her courage there was a loud groan and a crash off to her right, then another. Lily looked around for a place to hide. Perhaps this wasn’t the day to stand up to those boys. She backed up to the fence and realized there was nowhere to go.

Lily closed her eyes tight and waited for the inevitable. She could smell them as they spread out in front of her, five boys. The Bakers then, she realized and sighed loudly, they were the worst.

When the closest put his hands on her shoulder, she made her decision. Lily bit him. The second boy was inches away from her haunch so she kicked out and knocked him into the fence, then spit in the face of another brother. The youngest, and clearly smartest two, kept their distance. She kept twisting and bucking until all five Bakers were running away, most of them nursing wounds.

She knew in the morning she could be hamburger but Lily didn’t care. She’d stood up for herself and all the other animals on her farm. Maybe in the future, restless teenage boys would find something else, rather than cow tipping, to do on the weekend.

I needed a break from my WIP because the scenes I’ve been working on are some very serious life and death type stuff. I haven’t written any flash fiction lately so that is my goal today. I didn’t use a prompt but I decided to stay under 300 words and give myself a 10 minute time limit. I’ll probably do this several more times today. Who knows what other silliness will occur?


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