I Don’t Feel Like Writing Today

As the title states, I don’t feel like writing today. I could give you a ton excuses/reasons why:

  1. I don’t feel good.
  2. I’m having a massive reaction/adjustment to allergy medicine.
  3. I didn’t sleep last night.
  4. I’m grumpy.
  5. I can hardly concentrate.
  6. My daughter is home sick and the TV is LOUD!
  7. Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

As a writer who actually wants to be successful and takes the job seriously, there is only one answer I could give myself to the list above. I’m going to write.

So I feel crappy, so do thousands of other people who are at work right now. Sleep deprivation? Well that tends to come with the territory so I might as well strike if from the excuse list. Grumpy? I’m a typical redhead, I’ll get over it soon. Concentration issues? Well that’s been an issue for years, since I quit smoking, so I already know how to handle that. The allergy thing is in its final stages and quite frankly I’m tired of it controlling my life so I’ll fight through all that. As for my kid being sick, she’s fourteen and fully capable of calling out if she needs something. The TV however, is going to be turned down!

I’m treating this blog post (and two others I scheduled) as a warm up, a lot like I do for my Saturday six-minute thing. I have too much to do to sit here and feel sorry for myself because I don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve already wasted the morning away watching Buffy sing and reading nonsense online.

So, wish me luck. I intend to finish a lesson of my writing class and write a flash fiction piece or two. If I’m lucky I’ll get a couple of chapters of my WIP written.

Sidenote: Flash fiction stories are what I’m writing for Camp Nanowrimo this year, so that is two goals in one for the day.


  1. Good luck! On those kinda days though, I give myself permission to do the easiest thing possible while still being productive. That challenging scene that requires all of my mental energy? Nope, that can wait while I pound out something easy, or correct pagination or paragraphing. It’s important to cut yourself a little slack from time to time!

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  2. I have not felt like writing lately; partly because I have been in limbo waiting for edits, and partly because of being sick. So I have been spending my time doing research on things important. ^-^ Mainly, looking into a bunch of copyright questions I have. Soon I will be doing a blog post about what I’ve found… so, my procrastination shall turn itself into writing! hehe

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  3. I’ve been making a lot of excuses for myself lately, and this post comes at just the right time. This morning, I decided I’m not going to make any more excuses. There’s always SOMEthing I can be doing. I get awful migraines a lot (nausea-inducing, jack-hammer-to-my-temples awful), and I really, honestly can’t do much, if any, fiction writing when those hit me. But I could blog, or watch documentaries on something I need to research (so long as the volume isn’t too loud), etc. Here’s to no more excuses!

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  4. Sleeplessness must have been going around last night. Sorry your allergies are still giving you grief. LOL You watched the musical episode of Buffy? I love that one. Way to pull through the “I don’t wannas” and write a blog post.

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  5. Writing flash fiction for Camp NaNo sounds like fun! I have only written novels or revised my novels for Camp, but I’m not opposed to trying new things. Its something to consider for next year when I’m in college.

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  6. Good job for you for persevering through an abundance of challenges. Allergy reactions can be the worst, the whole body becomes involved and off balance. A nod and a wave to your strength of character. In love and light Cheryle

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