Write Anything Wednesday #19

It’s Wednesday, you know what to do. Write something. An outline, a paragraph, a list. If you have time, write a short story or a few scenes. Revision counts. A blog post, or even better, write a few posts to save for times when you’re so busy you don’t have time to write.

Change up your routine if you normally write every day. Go outside, or to a coffee shop. You could even go to a pub (I need to try this one). If you normally use a computer, grab a journal or notepad and see if inspiration hits.

The important thing is to write. Make it a weekly don’t-mess-with-my-writing-time thing. If not today, then pick a day that works for you.

If you want a prompt:

  • Write a true or fictional story about how you got your most interesting scar.
  • Invent a game for your WIP and write a scene with some of your characters playing it.
  • Use the picture below. See that wall? Behind it is the item you want most in this world. What is it and what are you willing to do to get on the other side?


Happy Writing!

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