Writing Updates

First – Camp Nanowrimo. I don’t really think it’s for me, at least not for this month. I might try again in June but we’ll see. I don’t think it’s a bad idea but I can’t seem to make myself care about a word count goal. I’ll meet it, probably tomorrow but not because I was determined to “win.” I’ll make the word count because I’m writing often, although maybe I shouldn’t mention the last few days. I’ll just sweep those under the rug and get back to normal. For the people for whom having a word count goal is awesome I wish you all the best of luck. I think it’s great how Nanowrimo can be such an encouragement to so many.

Second – My fantasy series. There are a couple of updates in one here. I have decided on this being a trilogy. If it grows beyond those bounds, I am okay with it but I’m going to write with three books in mind. This was a problem before because I wasn’t sure how many books it needed to be. This might sound weird but it either needed to be three or six. Three works in my head. Also, I had my first Skype chat with Holly Lisle, the instructor of the class I’m taking. It was amazing! One big thing that happened in it was she blew up my story. Sound bad? It’s not! With one ‘what-if’ question everything changed, for the better. My mind went in a thousand directions and ideas were flying everywhere. Like shrapnel, some stuck. Okay nothing like shrapnel but you get the point. She actually asked several questions and helped me nail down some stuff that needed to be settled and it was like re-finding inspiration.

Third – Aforementioned class. It was going great! Beyond great actually. I already knew how to write but this course is giving me new tools and new ways to think about things. For a person like me, who is a creature of habit, this is a good thing, priceless. It’s good to get out of one’s comfort zone, at least occasionally. I’m actually a week behind on the lessons but mainly because I’m taking the current lesson slow. I tend to move fast with everything and that’s not always good. The next lesson is about outlines. I suck at outlines so I need to be able to give all my attention to that one. I am on this kick of taking the challenge when I think I’m bad at something. That’s why I write flash fiction and why soon I’ll be posting longer short stories. I’m not letting anything involving writing get the better of me! Except erotica, I’d be a giggling mess if I tried to write that, so that genre can win and I’ll let myself be bad at it.

Fourth – Don’t be terribly surprised when photography posts start appearing. I am getting a new camera tomorrow and I might go a bit overboard on the picture-taking. I’m absolutely a beginner but I’ve wanted to do this for years and I won’t be an amateur for long. I’ll try to keep those post to a minimum, and yes, I know some of you are already shaking your heads. Probably because you’re right, I will overdo it lol.

I should have a couple of stories to post soon. I’ve been writing many but I plan to put together a collection to publish so I can’t post them all here. I’ll keep you all updated on that.


  1. Well done on keeping to the mark. I have written loads of short stories, mainly due to classes. i took once. I write longer stuff now because I do not have classes any more.
    Kep it up.

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  2. I tried Camp Nano a few years ago. It wasn’t for me that year either. I would’ve tried it this year but I’ve got other things to worry about. 🙂

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