Why Is This Armadillo Smiling?

In west Texas we don’t bother with snow globes since that almost mythical fluffy white stuff only shows up occasionally to torture us. We do sand globes! With armadillos! And grassy stuff!

I found this at a ranching museum gift shop while out taking pictures. I also came home with a sunburn on the back of my neck and the crown of my head! I forgot about that problem when I cut my hair short again. Time to find a good hat. If only you all knew how little time I spend outdoors. It’s terrible and wonderful.

I’m happily exhausted and have two hundred or so pictures to sort through later. For now I’m going to do some writing and work on catching up on my class.

More updates soon.


  1. A sand globe! What a great idea! ^-^ I would have never thought of this, having grown up in places full of snow flurries. haha That’s why the armadillo is smiling, he knows he’s part of something clever. And who doesn’t like that?

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