Books I Should Have Already Read – Hounded by Kevin Hearne

I bought Hounded, book one of The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne some time last year based on the blurb. I’m not really into Urban Fantasy (at least not often) but something in the description pulled at me. I didn’t begin reading it right away for two reasons. One: at the same time I bought book three of another series I was really into. Two: Nanowrimo.

Sometime after that crazy November I picked it up again, turned to chapter one, read the first few lines and my heart sank. First person. My least favorite type of novel. I put the book down until last month. I shouldn’t have touched it at that point, since I was in the middle of another book I promised to review.

Denying Hounded was impossible. It was on the top of my ‘books I should have already read’ pile staring at me. Somehow I knew it would be good and I would be able to get past the POV thing. Everywhere I turned someone was posting on social media about how great it was. Kevin Hearne was tempting me into reader infidelity and I succumbed. Click here for that tale.

I’m truly glad I did. It’s funny, there is adventure, danger, craziness, a talking dog and magic. How could I not love it? It held my attention firmly, unlike some other books I keep trying to finish (pardon the snark). I finished it in two days and was angry at myself for it because I hadn’t already purchased the next book.

I want this review is spoiler free so the details will be a bit sparse.


  • Almost all the characters are interesting.
  • The mix of the modern world and the distant past is intriguing.
  • The dialogue is fun.
  • The main character can be an arrogant ass but it works for him.
  • Also the main character is a ginger, but I’m biased.


  • I didn’t really care for the antagonist.
  • You really must read the pronunciation guide.
  • Not a lot of depth.

Personally I’d give it 4 and a half stars based on the type of story it is, I don’t only want to read super complex novels. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, easy read then you’ll love this book.


I apologize for this review being so late, as it should have been posted by the end of April. I’m not committing to a specific book for this month in case I want to switch in the middle again. I will manage to get the next review out on time though.


  1. Yeah, there have been a few books over the years that I attempted to read on more than one occasion, couldn’t get into them, then tried again one day and for some reason it was like, “ZOMG! This book is so awesome I wish I could absorb it instantly through my skin!” I guess sometimes with certain books, it’s like, “right book, wrong time…come back later.”

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  2. Dude on the cover is sexy as hell, I’m in! (although it being YA he’s probably like 17 right?)

    In all seriousness, I completely get where you are coming from. I blogged about the Count of Monte Cristo last week, and that is a book which has shot to the top of my all time favourites. I had that book on my shelf for three years before I read it though! And now I doubt I’d understand life without it.

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    1. I wouldn’t call it YA, I would say Urban Fantasy but what do I know. The main character is 21 (actually 2000) years old. I haven’t read the Count of Monte Cristo but I keep meaning to. I should add that to my ever growing lists of books I should have already read by now!


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