Writing/Organizing Update

I cleaned off my a third of my desk. Kindly accept this was a monumental task and be proud of me. I have this awful habit of making piles of paper, spirals, notebooks, etc. I also have an unfortunate tendency to want everything I might need easy to see and reach. This makes for a full, confused and jumbled work area.

I have an L-shaped desk with a four-foot table added, making a comfy U-shaped nest to write in. As I look around, and I see three pen holders (each different and holding many writing utensils), three pairs of scissors, a stapler, battery operated pencil sharpener (that sucks), lens and screen cleaner, a random fingernail polish (I rarely use), lip balm, two separate containers holding paper flags, Aleve, liquid paper (both liquid and the strip kind), a flashlight, cough drops, candy, two types of tea, several types of sticky notes, many notebooks, notepads and spirals, a timer, two glasses cases (only one has  glasses in it), paper clips, and a tray that is meant for drawer organization (no drawers on my glass desk, what a mistake!). I am only mentioning the most obvious things.

I left out the three shelves on one wall, the bookcase behind me and the rolling cart with ten small drawers in it. I have plenty of places to put away almost all the above list. I will put it all up at some point but I will hate it. I despise the clutter but some part of me must need it because every time I ‘organize’ the desk, the stuff piles back up. The problem is my need to have it all ON the desk. It’s ridiculous.

So today is going to be an organizing day. As stated previously, I managed to clean off part of the nest, but that was the easy part since it was the table and where I do every bit of hand writing and where I do worksheets for my writing class. Next I’ll tackle the part of the desk that has my monitor on it. Did you hear the groan? It will not be fun, but most of the items there can and should go in drawers. I can be pretty forgetful (possibly the root of this issue) so I will have to label the drawers, but I have chalkboard stickers so no problem. The drawers are black so it might even look cute, except my horrid handwriting! I will simply have to bully myself into actually placing the items into the drawers.

The other third of the desk isn’t too bad of a problem. It holds my laptop, a mouse for it and mouse pad, a coffee mug full of Pixy Stix, a small container of Smarties, a box of colored index cards (that have a home and just need to be put up), a stack of spirals, legal pads and a magazine, and a coaster. The paper products need to go to their respective homes (wherever that ends up being) and everything else stays.

You might think that I should get rid of a lot of this stuff, but that is not something I’m ready for. As you probably figured out, I’m somewhat of a pack rat. The idea of throwing out perfectly useable office supplies (shudder) is unthinkable! Maybe someday I’ll get to that point, but not today. Thankfully, my desk and dresser (also full of office paraphernalia) are the only areas I have major chaos issues with.

So, what does this have to do with a writing update? I’m distracted by the clutter. If it goes away, hopefully I’ll get more writing done. I have written but not as much as I would like. I’m almost caught up on my class. I would be already but I’m spending a lot of time on one lesson because it’s about my main characters and I’m learning a lot about them I didn’t know before, or knew but hadn’t put into words. I think that is an acceptable reason to be a little behind.

I feel like I’ve started my story over in a way. I haven’t lost a lot of material because most of what I’ve written is in the beginning and middle of the story and still useable. I need to add more than take away. I lost some scenes toward the end but I wasn’t happy with them anyway so it didn’t make me sad. I plan to heavily revise the opening scene, adding more description and changing a couple of minor characters. I also have to fix the fight part because it’s too telly and needs to be more showy. I need to convey how badly injured my main character gets in this altercation.

If you read this blog often you’ve seen that I managed to write some flash fiction. Yay me! Hopefully I can do some more soon, on a clean desk!

Random photography update: It’s going well and I’m learning a lot. I’m going to get out a couple of times this week and try to get some non-nature photos.

I’m off to organize. If you don’t hear from me for a while, I probably got swallowed up by my nest of I’m in the corner crying about losing office junk. I’ll be back eventually.


  1. It is oddly inspiring to hear about another writer’s clutter. A “me, too” moment, to be sure. Also, how you think about your character development while ‘talking amongst yourself’ reminds me about how I used to do that, and hope to again soon. Thanks!

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  2. This used to be a HUGE problem for me, but I went a long way toward solving it by reading a book about organizing for right-brained people. 🙂 Turns out the reason we can’t stay organized is because pretty much all the usual organization paradigms are designed for left-brained people.

    I believe this is the book, but it’s been awhile and I no longer have it… It was one I just picked up on a whim at Hastings!

    Organizing From The Right Side Of The Brain

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  3. I’ve yet to start my organizing… I also need to organize my FILES on my LAPTOP!
    Hey Kristi I tagged on in a post (and probably did it wrong) where you answer questions about books you read, it’s on my wordpress page ^_^

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