Guilty Pleasures

There is one thing I despise above all others: crying. Yet I found myself watching “surprise” videos on YouTube this morning, bawling like a baby each time the surprised person/people cried. I do this on a semi-regular basis. It’s one of my weird guilty pleasures. While emptying my full trashcan of Kleenex I started thinking about other guilty pleasures, and since I need to write, I made a list. I don’t actually feel guilty about most of these, but some I think are strange and some I don’t do around anyone else.

  1. Obviously the surprise videos. It can be anything from announcements to proposals, to military homecomings. If someone is going to cry happy tears, I’m there.
  2. Reality competition shows. Not all of them, but I will watch any singing contest (minus America’s Got Talent) and I love So You Think You Can Dance. I do not watch Dancing With The Stars. I do like Project Runway (because I can’t do that stuff), some seasons of Survivor and Faceoff is a new love. I’ll confess to watching America’s Next Top Model occasionally but the super doses of drama always drive me away at some point. I was really into Hell’s Kitchen but not so much anymore, but Masterchef is required watching. Top Chef can go either way for me. I do not watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. The Biggest Loser makes me cry so it’s on the list. I do not watch lifestyle reality shows or whatever you would call the Kardashian nonsense. I have been known to temporarily get addicted to American Pickers and whatever the gold rush thing in Alaska is called in August when we visit my husband’s parents in New Jersey every year, since his dad watching that stuff.
  3. I have a new appreciation for Canadian sci-fi shows. Luckily I have Netflix to feed this emerging addiction. If you haven’t seen Continuum you’re missing out.
  4. Easy Cheese. I know, but I can’t help myself. Also Oscar Meyer Ham & Cheese loaf lunch meat.
  5. 80’s music. Not all of it, and not very often but I love to sing along (when no one is around) and I already know all the words to every song from that decade anyway, so I might as well enjoy it.
  6. I like weird cute socks.
  7. Candy. Specifically Pixy Stix, Smarties, Lemon Drops, Lemonheads and cherry Twizzlers.
  8. Old X-men, Thundercats, Danny Phantom and Sailor Moon cartoons.
  9. The Fifth Element. I watch this a couple of times a year.
  10. Starship Troopers. I have no explanation for this. Also Dirty Dancing, even though it’s not an action movie.
  11. Catchy songs that will remain unnamed. I DO have a reputation to maintain! Lucky for me I have teenage daughters who I occasionally give control of the radio to. It’s not really my fault if I accidentally learn the words to the stuff they listen to over and over.
  12. Chips. I’m seriously trying to get over this one but I don’t want to! I gave up smoking, giving up chips is ten times harder! Plus chicken strips. This will be the last unhealthy food I give up.
  13. Snyder of Hanover’s Salted Caramel pretzel pieces, and English Breakfast hot tea.
  14. Mints, most flavors. This probably stems from the quitting smoking thing.
  15. No one can read/watch just one. Same with
  16. Lootcrate.
  17. Online games, specifically World of Warcraft.
  18. Buying office supplies. I can never have too many pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Especially pens!
  19. I will admit to marathoning Buffy, Charmed, Smallville (surprised me too), Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, All the Stargate shows, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Arrow, Chuck, Continuum, Highlander, Alias, Firefly, Grimm, John Doe (so before it’s time!), All Star Treks, and occasionally Hercules and Xena. If you consider that I’m a fantasy writer, this is all research! I can neither confirm nor deny owning most of these.
  20. My last and best guilty pleasure is rereading certain Fantasy series every year. In no way do I feel guilty about this though. Certain books are meant to be cherished and enjoyed forever. Nothing heavy allowed on my reread list. I don’t do Lord of the Rings, but I do read Harry Potter every year. No literary fiction but Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey and Brandon Sanderson make the cut, plus many more. I read fast so the list is necessarily long.

What about you? Any guilty pleasure you want to share? I’m sure I’ve left some off the list.


  1. Seriously, what is it about The Fifth Element? That movie has infinite rewatchability.

    Wholeheartedly with you on the socks, the office supplies and the mints. And most of the rest too, really. We have a scary amount of TV shows in common. For a minute I was worried I wrote this post myself and just forgot about it.

    I’m a serial rereader of Harry Potter, the Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde, and the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane.

    My truly guilty pleasure is reading terrible books just to make fun of them. Set me in front of my favorite train wrecks like Twilight and its wannabe cousin Fifty Shades and I become a joyful fountain of snark. Sometimes I feel a little bad about getting my kicks from tearing down the work of others. Then I remember how much money Mmes Meyer & James have managed to make off that literary tripe, and wouldn’t you know it, I don’t feel bad anymore!

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    1. AGREED! I love the Fifth Element. My husband doesn’t understand the attraction. But what’s not to like about that movie? It even has Luke Perry for a brief moment! Okay, now I need to go watch it. πŸ˜‰

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      1. When I was still living with my parents, my dad and I used to watch it almost every weekend. Mom would roll her eyes and find somewhere else to be because she didn’t get what was so special about it, the weirdo.

        Luckily I married a man who understands that going more than a few months without hearing the word “Multipass!” is flat-out unacceptable.

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  2. First off, how is this NOT a buzzfeed list? These guilty pleasures are amazing. I’m right there with you on 9, 13 (really anything that starts with Snyder of Hanover) and 15. GOOD list. And now I’m going to go look for Canadian sci fi on netflix.

    Also – you NEED to name some of those songs. Do it for the people!

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  3. I have to admit I’m a little surprised at Starship Troopers but good grief, that show has some killer stuff in it. “Klendathu Drop” remains one of my very favorite soundtrack pieces of anything, and many times have I bawled “remember your training and you WILL SURVIVE” at friends and coworkers.

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