Writing Update

Sadly, for me, I don’t have much writing to update you on. I somehow managed to hurt my back. I didn’t do anything spectacular or fun to cause this. Over the last two weeks the pain I’ve had on and off for several months has gradually gotten worse. I can’t stay in any one position for longer than a couple of minutes. Bending forward, even a little, is awful and I’m a slumper so sitting at the computer for very long is out of the question. As my mother would say: I have to pain tolerance of a piss ant.

It’s gotten bad enough that I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow. That’s a pretty big deal for me. I never go to the doctor unless I find there is no other course of action. To give you an idea of my dislike for being seen by medical personnel: A couple of years ago I think I broke my tailbone (for the second time). I never went to the doctor because I had the first time and there was nothing they could do for me besides give me pain pills. I can’t take narcotic pain relievers so basically I paid a bunch of money to be told I would heal in time. Why go back just to be told the same thing?

I’m learning this decision was probably a mistake because I’m pretty sure all the things I do to keep my tailbone from hurting have contributed to whatever is happening with my back. I only hope that they don’t say “Here, have some pain meds.” But I’d love to hear the doctor tell me all I need is a little recuperation time. My mother has had many back surgeries due to pinched nerves and various vertebrae issues. I’m crossing my fingers this isn’t some ‘run in the family’ thing. I know I’m scaring myself unnecessarily but I’d rather be prepared for the worst than surprised by it.

On the bright side, all this pain has greatly influenced some horrible things I’m going to do to one of my main characters. I’ve been taking notes and running scenes through my head constantly even though I haven’t written them yet. This poor guy will be in almost constant pain for a good portion of the first book. That was always the plan, but now I have more detailed plans and I certainly know how to describe it better. One friend told me when he reads a book he wants the protagonist to suffer. Another said “Everything is writing.” I’m taking both of these things to heart. If I can’t sit and type it, I can always imagine it for later writing. It sounds odd but I hope I can hold onto the negative emotions swirling around long enough to write some of these planned scenes.

The big class I’m taking is temporarily on hold but there is a smaller course that I work on periodically I can concentrate on for a while. It’s mostly reading and I can do that whether I’m sitting up, laying down, pacing, etc.

I may or may not be able to do my regular Wednesday and Saturday posts. If I don’t and you would like a prompt, I went back and numbered all the Saturday challenge posts and the Wednesday ones are dated so you can use older prompts if you’re so inclined.

Hopefully my next update will be less complaining and more writing!


  1. I have a slipped disc. Every few months I have an epidural. This end April, I had two at the sme surgery, very low down. You know you should have seen someone, but water under the bridge. I suffer pin in my back constantly, do know all about pain.

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  2. Wishing you better health soon. I suffered from two slipped discs a few years ago; horrific pain constantly and meds nor physio touched it. In the end was having to consider surgery when a friend suggested acupuncture. At that stage I would have probably tried anything. After the first session I walked out of the clinic – prior had been a slow painful hobble. Pain free mostly now, careful what I do and Pilates works a treat. Just saying…hoping this sorts quickly and you can go back to your writing. Take care now.

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    1. Thank you. I’m freakishly afraid of needles, well actually I can’t stand to see needles stuck in skin, although I suppose if needles are sticking out of my back I can’t see them. I haven’t been exercising because of the tailbone but I had already decided not to let that stop me around the time my back acted up. I’m going to ask the doctor what exercises I can safely do and start getting more active again!


    1. I do drag my laptop around but the real problem is I can’t lean back without hurting my tailbone. Oddly the most comfortable place to sit is a low hard chair, like a chair you would find in a dining room. Unfortunately I have High hard chairs lol.


  3. What about finding a Different Doctor? There are actually decent doctors in the world. If the problem is actually with your spine, maybe look for a good chiropractor. Have had both bad and really good chiropractors. One was the first person to tell me I wasn’t nuts about the constant pain I was in I either had spinal cancer or multiple sclerosis. Turns out I have MS. After being diagnosed most of the female relatives on my mom’s side of the family were finally correctly diagnosed.
    I agree with not wanting to pop pain pills. Number one, most don’t work on me anyway! Am allergic to everything except poison ivy and latex. Makes for a fun life!
    Not going to say the trite “This too shall pass”. It may or may not.
    Jeanette Hall

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    1. I’m going to the doctor for the first time today. My plan is if the regular doctor can’t fix me then I’ll see a chiropractor. Luckily for me, my mother has had to deal with the good and bad ones too so she knows who to recommend if it comes to that. I know what you mean about allergies. I’m allergic and/or sensitive to some odd things, including latex. Big pain meds make me sick or dizzy. I’m really nervous that I will either hear something bad from the doctor or hear nothing and have to go through exactly what you did. I hear a lot of stories about doctors not believing patients about pain. Maybe once they know I’m not after pain pills we can get to serious business.


  4. I broke my coccyx when I was swinging on a rope into the lake. It broke on the first swing. All they can do was give pain meds. oweeee Are you related to Mary McDonnell? You could be her daughter.

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