Writing & Personal Update

Writing: I finished the five flash fiction stories I’ve been working on. They need some editing but the words are finally out of my head! This was both a win and a fail but in the end not really a fail. Confused? It’s a win because I set out to write the five pieces following the How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck course. I did this. It’s a fail because each story was supposed to be under 500 words and only one of them was.

I decided this wasn’t really a fail because most of the stories are fantasy. While I am capable of writing a 500 word fantasy piece, when I have I haven’t been as happy with them. For me fantasy needs more words. On four of the stories I stayed under a thousand words but on one of them I ended up with 1034. I haven’t edited it yet but I think I can get it down to 1000 or less.

Another one, the last one I wrote came in at 573. It needs some minor fixing but I don’t believe I’ll be able to get it under 500 and still make sense. I’m okay with this.

What I’m walking away with is a great way to make myself come up with ideas. I will probably use the method again but only through the first part: idea generation and writing the first part of each story. After that I’m letting my muse do what it wants. I felt a little restricted by not letting myself finish a story until I’d written all the middles. In defense of the course though, I did get the stories completed. I can’t stay it didn’t work. However, there is nothing wrong with me modifying the tool to suit me better.

Mainly I’m thrilled I wrote any flash at all, it’s been so long. I was also happy when I ended up writing a couple of things that aren’t really in my wheelhouse. The first one is only barely fantasy. Another one, while from the perspective of a horse, isn’t really fantasy at all. I wrote three that amused me. Only my husband has read them so far and he said they are funny. He swears he’s not just being nice. After I finish editing I plan on posting at least one of the humorous ones and one of the more serious ones. I’m undecided on which at this point.

Honestly, it’s been so long since I wrote flash when I started this thing I didn’t expect to end up with five stories I really liked. I would have been content with two or three. I don’t know if I should be patting myself on the back or thanking my muse for the bonus (and begging for more).

Also on the subject of writing I hope to do some more catching up on my big class this week. I’ll finish one lesson today and start the next. I don’t know how long it will take for that one. I am trying my hardest not to rush through. I’m super glad I’m not as behind as I was.

Personal: Physical therapy was a bust. That’s not entirely accurate. I definitely “strengthened my core.” I can’t complain about that. Unfortunately it couldn’t do much for the real problem with my back. Someone finally called from my doctor’s office and all they had to say was I’m being referred to a neurosurgeon. Since I’ve watched my mother go through four back surgeries and I’ve got almost exactly the same issues I knew exactly what that meant. 😦

I also go to a pain doctor next week. My brother’s fiance’ gave me a graphic explanation of what it feels like to get injections in the back. All I can say to that is…well I try not to curse too much so never mind. At least I know a little of what to expect though. If I’m lucky they can do something for me before I go on a very long (30 hours one way) road trip next month.

On the plus side I’ll have many photo opportunities along the way. I can’t do the actual driving for long periods of time so I will have time to work on writing in the car too.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll post one of the new stories soon!


  1. Look forward to reading one of the new stories! Well done on finishing the five flash pieces, not an easy task. I had struggle just keeping to 1000 words for one competition so never attempted any real flash fiction. Sorry to hear the physio not working. Fingers crossed neurosurgeon can help quickly.

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  2. My Mother actually went through a couple of back surgeries as well, so I can imagine the trepidation you’re feeling about it right now. 😦 The second one though, by a neurosurgeon, went really well and she barely has any back problems at all any more! So, I hope that if you do have to do that, it will go really well and you will recover quick!

    Also, can’t wait to see your new flash pieces! ^-^ I tend to agree with you about fantasy, it is a bit harder to write super short.

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