That’s So Offensive…

Remember when you use to be able to state your opinion online (or off) and not offend anyone? Me neither, because there were never any good old days when you could say what you want and there not be consequences. If you’re going to say something offensive then someone will be insulted. Hell, these days, someone can and probably will find pretty much anything you say offensive. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to state your opinion, you certainly can and if you want to, go for it. However, you should be prepared for the outcome.

One thing I’ve noticed, especially on Facebook is the shock and indignation when someone disagrees with another. If you stand on a sidewalk and shout out how much you hate a particular group you’re going to see a reaction right? Why would it be different online?

Logically we all know that not everyone will agree with us one hundred percent of the time. So why then are there so many FB fights with the person instigating it getting upset or confused? How many times have you seen someone do this and say they weren’t trying to start drama?

These people are full of it. If you post something polarizing you will get a fight. People who do this want to argue. They want to share their glorious opinion with the world, but especially with those who disagree. If you start a status with: “I know this is going to upset some people but I don’t care,” or pop in an: “If you don’t like it (or agree) you can unfriend me,” then you know what the outcome will be. Doing this is like adding on: “Bless her heart,” to the end of a nasty statement so you can say something whatever you want about another person without sounding mean. Besides, there are easier ways to make sure you’re only surrounded by people who agree with you.

You know what you’re doing, don’t pretend otherwise. Do you have the right to argue on your own personal Facebook or others’? Of course you do. Should you? That’s up to you to decide. Does it bother me? Actually no, unless you pretend like you weren’t trying to fight. Taking up the innocent person standard while waving a flag of war invalidates your argument for me. The point is, if you want to be confrontational and challenging, do so, but at least call it what it is.

Obviously this is MY opinion and I know a few people who would be offended by it. I’ll apologize now for provoking anyone. No, wait, I knew exactly what I was doing when I wrote it. Bless your heart.

Is anyone offended that I chose ‘me neither’ over ‘me either?”


  1. Yep; we can’t disagree anymore without being accused of hate, and some type of phobia, and preparing for escalation to all out verbal – and personal – warfare. “I respectfully disagree,” has no meaning today. Why can’t we disagree the way we did as kids? Did not. Did too. Did not. Did too….

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  2. Hi Kristi,

    “That’s Offensive”, is a religious conceit. They have corrupted the military term to justify violence against those who criticise them or don’t accept their beliefs as the truth – “The Gospel Truth” – amongst others.

    This conceals the fact that offence is taken, not given.

    If I were to attack you, internet troll style, and start bad mouthing your mother or some such nonsense, what is an appropriate response?

    If you are well balanced and mature, would it not be more appropriate to dwell on my mental health than to engage in a public brawl?

    You might respond along the lines – “That makes me angry.” but this is just an abrogation of personal responsibility. For that to be literally true, I must be the owner of your emotions. For it is I, not you, who determines if you are to become angry.

    The problem with pandering to people who claim you are, ‘making them angry’, is that there is no limit to it. From the Inquisition to ISIS to a lowly internet troll, if you start living your life in a way that doesn’t ‘offend’ them, they will find ever more things to take offence at. It’s called appeasement and it never works. Eventually you will not be able to move for fear of the consequences.

    Remember, people who are keen to ‘take offence’, generally measure wisdom by the length of your beard. As you don’t appear to have one, you’re on a hiding to nothing!

    Nice talking to you.


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    1. I could rant for hours about people that get ‘offended’ by anything and everything. Some people like to get angry I think, and obviously they have to take responsibility for their own emotions. However, that doesn’t make the person who states their opinion in an aggressive attention seeking manner right. I like the idea of dwelling on a troll’s mental health. Well said.


  3. I agree that one should try to be more delicate when talking about controversial issues especially when these opinions are being posted for the world to see for an indefinite amount of time. Good argumentation goes a long way. But too often I notice even that’s not enough. Take Gamergate for example; many people who supported Gamergate were given the stamp of a patriarchal male. Media did certainly not help with the matter either. I therefore think it’s not just that people “disagree” on a controversial matter but too many people misinterpret it as a direct attack on themselves.

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    1. Ah, as a female gamer I think I’ll keep my opinion about gamergate to myself. As with every issue popularized in the media there is not truly only two sides. There is the side that has jerks, the side that has people who could care less, the angry side, the side that gloried in attention, the many different sides that are attacked no matter what they say, think or feel, etc. Are there enough dice in the world to cover all the sides? Nope.

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  4. The problem is that 97% of communication is body language, facial expression, inflection, and other physical attributes. We can’t gauge those online and thus miscommunication occurs escalating simple conversations that would be more toned down if in person or even on the phone.

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  5. All I’ve got to say is RIGHT ON. 🙂

    Not to mention, now that folks can hide behind their computer monitors and be anonymous rather than immediately reaping what they sow face to face on the street, they’re a hell of a lot more brave. Lol~

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  6. I think part of the problem is that we still have a vast amount of people who think that horrible things they say on facebook/forums/wherever don’t matter because, “It’s just online.” As if the people you are talking to online are somehow imaginary? Anytime you are communicating with another person, you are accountable for the things you say. That’s really all there is to it.

    I also have to agree that people who “Take up the innocent person standard while waving a flag of war” (cause I love how you put that ^-^) are particularly annoying. Word choice is kind of like body language. There are certain words and phrases that are culturally acknowledged as inflammatory/condescending/insulting. People who use these and then try to pretend they weren’t trying to start a fight… I just have no words. It may be the easiest way to make me ridiculously angry.

    For the sake of my personal health, I generally try to remind myself that it is Thor’s job to deal with trolls, not mine. May his crackling hammer of justice fall upon their heads with all speed.

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