Well This Sucks

I’m currently lying in a hospital bed in New Jersey. This is not really my idea of fun on vacation. I don’t know yet what’s wrong but they think it’s my appendix. It’s all part of my August curse. Every year around this time something major and mostly bad happens. One year the apartment I lived in was struck by lightning and was destroyed. The next year some lady crashed her car into our fence while trying to run over her husband.  The year after was a good major event, I married my amazing husband.  The August following that someone totalled my car. It was parked in front of the house and they crashed into it. We never found out who. Last .year wasn’t so bad but between my back problems and this stupid ER visit I’m making I up for no major events or calamities last August.

Other than this hiccup my vacation hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been in pain but I’ve been managing. I’ll keep you all updated as I find out more.

Pardon the formatting. I don’t normally post using my phone.


  1. My mother in law always has back problems in August as well…just before she goes on her vacation. Good luck and I hope you get better soon!

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