Story A Day Challenge – Day 4 – Betrayed

The prompt for day four was good but I had trouble coming up with an idea. Finally this story popped in my head. If you want to join the challenge click here.


Bailey woke up feeling groggy and disoriented. What happened, where was he? He tried to scrutinize his surroundings but something semi-blocked his view. Finally his eyes focused. Bars! Oh no, what did he do last night?

He remembered his family treating him to his favorite meal and a lot of celebrating. The rest was a blur. Had someone put something in his drink? Had he made a fool of himself in public? He must have since he was now locked up.

As he became more alert he realized something felt off. There was a strange ache in his nether region. He turned his head to look but was stopped by something large and plastic. Panic surged. They didn’t! They couldn’t!

He turned the other way then looked up – more plastic. Cone of shame! No wonder his family made last night so special. They knew they were going to take the best part away from him forever. Were they really so angry about a few litters around the neighborhood? It couldn’t be more than four or five!

Bailey tried to put his head on his paws and whimpered when the cone got in his way.

The Prompt

A person wakes up, not quite remembering what happened the night before, and is surprised and upset by what they see outside the window.

I decided to veer a little to the left with this one. Poor Bailey!

Rough draft 195 words


  1. I was both surprised at the end and enjoyed the story. I agree – poor Bailey. Maybe another prompt will allow you to write about Bailey’s response to his family 🙂

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    1. I had the same trouble at first! My original idea was to have a guy wake up on his front lawn and when he looked out the window he saw his living room, but I couldn’t really make a story out of it. Then I started thinking of jail but it was too obvious. Then Bailey’s bad night occurred to me. I guess the prompt did what it was supposed to, if in an unexpected way!

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