Story A Day Challenge – Day 8 – The Contract

I had a much easier time with today’s prompt! Fair warning, this story contains a bit of adult content. Enjoy!

The Contract

Robert lay on side with his hands and feet tied together behind him. A blind fold covered his eyes but he could sense she was in the room. “I won’t do it again, just let me go.” When he agreed to let her tie him up he thought the end result would be a lot more fun.

“I’ve heard that line before.” The woman, Robert’s wife, sniffed her disapproval.

“Is it really that big of a deal?” He grunted as what he thought might be a vase hit him in the shoulder.


A change in tactics was required, he realized. He’d already begged for ten minutes and playing it down only ticked her off more. “I’m sorry babe. You’re right I’m wrong. I’ll try my hardest to get it right from now on.”

“I want a contract. You do what I want or you can sleep alone.”

A contract? Was she out of her mind? But she held the keys to his sex life. “Okay, whatever you want. Will you please untie me?”

“I’ll untie one hand so you can sign.”

“You already have the paperwork?” It was ridiculous but he wasn’t getting out of his predicament without doing what she wanted.

She took the blindfold off and held the paper in front of his face. It was short, to the point and completely unnecessary. He signed anyway. Once he she freed him his wife left to go shopping, as if she hadn’t just ruined his day!

He would never understand why the toilet paper had to go over instead of under!

The Prompt

Write a short story of conflict between two people, protagonist and antagonist.

This story is partly inspired by my brother and sister-in-law. All I can say is I hope they find a better way to resolve their differences than the couple here! I do not condone the use of vases for violence.

Rough draft 263 words


      1. Who has human-sized vases, though? Chinese antique dealers? Who would fight in a shop filled with antique Chinese vases…. actually, that sounds like a good daily story for this prompt. Thanks for that!

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  1. OK – THAT was fun! (well, maybe not so much for the husband, but sometimes one needs to take drastic measures help a spouse understand..this reminds me a bit uncomfortably of the early years of my own marriage. Thankfully, we’ve gotten a LOT better at conflict resolution, after 18 years of practice!

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