Story A Day Challenge – Day 14 – Freedom


Today I almost broke free. As she read I became more and more real. I could feel myself lifting from the pages and spread my wings wide in preparation. Then her doorbell rang and I was only fiction. Maybe she’ll pick up the book later and I’ll get another chance.

The Prompt

Write a story from the perspective of someone in a piece of art. Feel free to choose your favorite painting, but you can also use sculpture, photography, or even performance art.

These art/music prompts are hard for me. I always feel like I will be too literal with picture prompts, but sometimes that’s okay. Today I decided to go with a 50 word story again based on a spread from Entertainment Weekly about parts of Song of Fire and Ice that were left out of Game of Thrones:


Sorry for the bad photo but I took the picture from below it. I loved the way this looked when I read it so much I tore out the pages, glued them to a piece of poster board and hung it above my bedroom door (well my husband did all the work). I loved the way the pages already looked worn and how the dragon seemed almost free of the pages. Isn’t this the way a good book should be?

Rough draft 50 words

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