Story A Day Challenge – Day 15 – Blind Date

Today’s prompt almost threw me off. I read it before I even sat up this morning. I thought about it during breakfast and while I waited for my daughter to get ready for school. After dropping her off it was quiet in the car so I pondered some more. I came up with a bunch of ideas but I didn’t like any of them. Then when I pulled into my driveway a new idea popped in my head. I couldn’t get in the house quick enough!

Blind Date

I hope Dominica likes me he thought for the hundredth time. Tom’s nerves were getting to him now that it was almost time to meet. He hoped they would find some common ground since they couldn’t be any more different.

He was from the farm and liked to race and get muddy. From everything he’d been told she was a city girl with refined tastes and good manners. She would probably enjoy well manicured lawns and high tea, but he could spend an hour happily splashing around in the river and eating whatever he felt like.

It wasn’t like he stayed filthy all the time. He enjoyed getting dirty but he liked getting cleaned up just as much. He wondered if she ever got dirty.

Pre-judging her wasn’t alleviating the tension and was stupid so he stopped. Tom did decide she would be completely out of his league. Billy, the man who set them up, told him repeatedly how beautiful she was and how happy Tom would be.

If Dominica didn’t like him he would be crushed. I don’t know why I’m so worried, they always like me. He knew he was the height of masculine beauty; everyone commented on it. Maybe that was the reason he was so worried. Billy made it sound like she was more attractive than Tom, which had never happened.

He heard a vehicle pull up and ran to the edge of the corral to get his first glimpse of today’s date. He watched as Billy and another man opened the gate of a trailer and Dominica backed out. She turned and made eye contact with him, almost stopping his heart. She was as beautiful as they said, more gorgeous than him. She pranced over to him and all his doubts vanished. They would make beautiful babies together. He was so glad they sent her over from the Equestrian Center.

Tom Thumb the racehorse was in for a great day.

The Prompt

Write a short story about two people meeting up for the first time. They may have emailed, texted, tweeted or whatever, but this is the first time they’ve met face to face.

I couldn’t stand the idea of writing something super literal for the prompt. I don’t know if it’s my rebellious nature or simple stubbornness but it keeps life and writing interesting. When I edit I plan to get it down to 300 words but I’m staying out of that mode until the end of the month.

Rough draft 325


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