Story A Day Challenge – Day 19 – Pop Culture Crush?

I read today’s prompt and the first thing to pop in my head was: Nope.

The Prompt

 Write a story about your favorite pop culture icon or your favorite time period.

I want to clarify that in the description and paragraph length tips it was made clear this is a fan fiction kind of thing. My problem?

  1. I despise fan fiction. I know what you’re thinking, I should write a parody. Nope, there are too many already out there.
  2. I don’t have a pop culture crush. Sure I love watching Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, comic book movies, etc but there is no character I’m so obsessed with I would want to write them into a story. I don’t even get celebrity crushes.
  3. I have several favorite authors but if I were to ask them for writing advice I suspect their first rule would be to never write fan fiction.
  4. I also don’t have a favorite time period, but if I absolutely had to nail it down I would say middle ages-ish because I love fantasy and most of what I read has dragons, kings and queens, epic battles with swords and spears and pole-arms, etc.

So I’m going to stick with the time period thing. I think this story reflects my mood today. Enjoy!


Cennor sighed. “I told you, I’m retired. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to join in your silly battle.”

“Retired? Then you have plenty of time! Come one, it won’t even take long.” Miles begged.

“I don’t want to. I had enough of fighting in my youth.”

“See, you remember what it’s like to be young! You were the greatest there ever was. Help a fellow out. You’d be helping me with the ladies.” The man pointed to the bevy of females standing at the edge of the field. They were giggling and fanning themselves vigorously.

Cennor shifted his gaze to the women and found himself unimpressed. “Whelp! You think ladies are impressed by men running off to do war on each other? Blood and death makes them happy? You are either a fool or you need to find a better class of lady.”

“That’s not fair! These ladies are of my class,” Miles whined.

“You’ll only get yourself killed.”

“Ah! I see now, you’re afraid. Never mind then, I don’t need to fight with a coward. The man turned around started walking away.

Cennor the dragon snorted in amusement, inadvertently releasing a plume of fire through one nostril. He stared down at the charred knight, his would be slayer, in surprise. Oh well, I did always like them crispy he thought. The ladies screamed as he ate the unexpected snack. At least they stopped giggling. He was too old for that shite.

Maybe if I imagine Cennor is Brandon Sanderson in disguise this would fit the prompt better.

Rough Draft 244 words

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