Story A Day Challenge – Day 21 – Escaping

Today’s prompt was easy! It didn’t take long before I knew the beginning and end. I only had to come up with the middle, which wasn’t difficult at all. Enjoy!

The Prompt

Your character is being forced into something they do not want to do: an arranged marriage, eating their broccoli (!), working for someone they know is evil. So he or she is running away to avoid it. Suddenly there’s voices nearby/a light flashes on/someone steps into the passage ahead…Your character stops, heart pounding, afraid of discovery.


He knew they would find him, he thought as he traversed the dim hallways. Still, he held onto the hope he could get away this time. It was a foolish dream but as he attempted his fourteenth escape he prayed it would be different this time.

Enduring the torture that would follow getting caught was more than he could bear. He looked down at the bruises ringing his arms. Souvenirs of his last attempt. He had these reminders all over his body. It had been a week since his last pummeling but he still felt the pain.

Perhaps it was the memory that hurt the most. They had nearly stripped him down during the attack. When it was finally over he was covered in scratches, bruises and bite marks. He almost thought they must hate him rather than love him.

He turned a corner and glimpsed the exit sign. Freedom was only a few yards away. Then she stepped out of a side hallway. Britney, president of his fan club and his self-proclaimed biggest fan. Shit! He pivoted and started running but her piercing screech gave him away. Before he could blink he was surround by forty screaming teenage girls.

His hat went first, then his shirt. They took one shoe and were going for his pants when his bodyguards showed up and saved the day. He was carried out to his car and driven home. As usual he was given the ‘don’t try to go anywhere on your own’ speech.

At home he stood in front of the mirror staring at the results of his folly he decided he was done trying to have a normal life. There would be no fifteenth try. He called his head bodyguard and told him to hire ten more guys. Still, Bieb wondered how the hell one of his attackers managed to give him a hickey on his ear?

For the record, I’m not a fan of the person I’m referencing here. However, he’s has a ridiculous amount of young female fans and has probably gone through something like this in his career. It shouldn’t amuse me as much as it does I guess. As for the inspiration for this one, my youngest daughter had a mark on her earlobe this morning that looked a little like a hickey, but was caused by sleeping on her ear with it creased. The look on her face when I said what it looked like was so funny it stuck with me. After driving her to school I went straight to the computer and started typing. I wonder how she’s going to explain it to her friends lol.

Rough draft 316 words


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