Story A Day Challenge – Day 24 – Three Micro Stories

The story a day September prompt today was to write not one, but three stories. There was a gallery of old photos and the instructions were to click through and pick three that caught my eye then write the stories. They didn’t have to be related but could be. It didn’t have to be about the subject’s life, only inspired by the photo. For the first picture I selected I wrote a story inspired by it. For the other two I went very literal. Enjoy!



Billy hung his head resigned. Soon it would be over and the nightmare would begin. Oh well, at least he’d enjoyed the short respite from hell. He’d known it wouldn’t last but somehow still hoped it would. Next week school started again. Why couldn’t summer be longer?


Don’t Fear The Reaper

If Bob made a mistake he would be damned so he proceeded as slowly as he could. When he was finished and the red-headed boy smiled his thanks, Bob breathed a sigh of relief. He’d dodged a bullet this day! Everyone knew gingers stole your soul if you angered them.


What Did The Fox Say?


Word counts:

  • Story one – 47
  • Story two – 50
  • Story three – 2

Why is story three so short you ask? Because the fox is sick and tired of being asked that question!

Sidenote: Since I am a ginger I can attest that story two could possibly maybe be a true story…I’m just saying, don’t tick me off lol.


  1. Loved every one! #1 made me happy we homeschool, and there’s no hell in my kids’ lives. #2 was perfect. Made me think of a ginger boy who stole my heart when he was tiny, and, now that he’s older, probably has no idea! And #3: Good for you, Mr. Fox!

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