Everything Update

I couldn’t write a story for today’s story a day September challenge so I’m doing an update instead. Why couldn’t I write a story you ask? The prompt asked for an ending to a story. When I started this challenge I added a restriction for myself to only write flash fiction. I figured if I only stuck with short stuff then I would have the time to do a story every day, which has worked. Obviously I could post the ending to one of those pieces but my style of flash fiction is to end with a twist or surprise. Posting an ending like that doesn’t make sense to me and I wouldn’t want to give any of my twists so I’m passing on the prompt for today. Also I went to the dentist today (along with every member of my family – 6 of us, so ALL morning), so anything I come up with would consist of pain, scraping and the sound of drills.

On with the update!

Writing: I’ve written a story a day for a challenge, with the exception of today. On some days I’ve written an extra story, which is a great bonus for me. After having emergency surgery last month and all these back troubles any writing makes me happy. The reason I took the challenge was to get myself back to daily writing. It’s still hard to sit at the computer for any length of time but after going through a period where I physically couldn’t do it at all makes me appreciate that I can do it now. I’m going to have this pain for a while to come and I’m tired of it deciding everything for me. I can push through at least some.

Writing/Nanowrimo: I’m putting my crazy hat back on in November and doing Nanowrimo. For those of you who’ve never heard of it, basically it’s a made up competition you have with yourself to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Sound nuts? It is and I swore I wouldn’t do it again. What happens when you become obsessed with meeting that ridiculous word count is you write crap. Sentences that could be 5-8 words long suddenly become 20-25 words and when you read it later all you can think is how it would sound better if it were five fracking words! I had decided I would rather have quality over quantity. However, I realized a few things since griping about this last year.

  1. All first drafts are crap. It may be for different reasons than overzealous sentences but they are still junk. So I took that argument off the plate.
  2. I am capable of writing 1667 words a day. I proved it by winning Nanowrimo last year. I might as well do it again (hopefully).
  3. When I participated last year I wrote every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know I’ve gotten into that habit again but it wouldn’t hurt to reinforce it.
  4. I got involved in activities with other writers.  Even simply being around other writers for a couple of hours was beneficial. I don’t know if I was picking up on writery vibes floating around the room or if it was subtle, yet positive peer pressure but I was more focused and more creative than ever before.
  5. Lastly, I figured out I don’t care if I win. I know I said I could win again but I’m saying I don’t have to. I’ll be happy to get however many words I get. It’s the other benefits I’m looking for this year.

I decided what story I will write for November. I’ve got a basic plot mapped out with index cards and I’ll do some more planning in October. I’m not known for being a planner but a little goes a long way when you’re trying to write that many words in such a short time. More on that story sometime in October but until then click here for a small sampling of the story.

Health Junk: I’m almost finished with physical therapy for my back issues. It’s not working. It has made me stronger (and incredibly sore) and able to be more active but it certainly didn’t fix the problem. I go to the pain doctor at the end of the month and we’ll see what steps to take next. It looks like I’ll have to have a horrible injection designed to recreate my specific pain. If it works then the doctor will know I’m a good candidate for the surgery. If it doesn’t then I’m screwed and keep doing pain management. I never thought I’d say I hope I have surgery but I truly am hoping for it.

Reading: I’m still rereading all the Shannara books. I have a few books on my to read pile that I think I’ll like much better but I’m determined to finish what I started. Only seven more to go, ugh! I will probably read Brian McClellan next, if not then Anthony Ryan. Maybe I’ll finally write another review!

Photography: Nothing to report here.

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