Quick Writing Update

I am still working on Nanowrimo prep. As usual, every time I do a little planning my muse throws out a million new ideas. Some of these ideas were for my Nano project but mostly I keep thinking up either new stories or changes for other projects. This is nothing new. It’s why I have so many projects in various stages of completion.

I’m going to have to very hard to keep on track. Since I can’t write for hours and hours at a time I need to find a way to stay focused on the story I’ve chosen to write. I’ve jotted down these stray thoughts so I don’t lose them forever but I don’t want them to take over!

I’m using the three act structure for my story this year. I am also using index cards instead of a traditional outline. A couple of days ago I decided all of act two, part one needed to be moved to act one. Act two is looking sad and empty. It’s more work now but I’m glad I figured it out before November!

My biggest problem at the moment is I need a villain. At present my antagonist is more of a supernatural force: ghosts. It’s not wrong to do it this way but I think I need at least one person/thing/whatever to have a little more focus. The story is missing something and bad guy might be it. Since I’m a write by the seat of my pants person at heart I have faith that I’ll work something out.

I’m going to try to write some flash fiction this week. I haven’t done it in a while. I was avoiding writing shorts because I get into it and was afraid it would take away from my prep for Nanowrimo. Now I believe it could help wrangle in all these random ideas and keep my muse happy. No one wants a pouty, pissed off muse! I’ll post any I write soon.


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