Last Day Of NaNoWriMo Prep

Today will be a busy one for me. It started with me getting up early to take my husband to work, which I don’t normally do and usually would not want to! I’m glad I did it though since I didn’t stay a zombie for as long as I do in the mornings. It helped that it was a bit chilly outside — I love fall weather, so my mood was good.

I’ve tried to finish up a story board for my Nanowrimo project since I got home. I think I have it mostly figured out, at least enough to get me started. I fully anticipate my plan blowing up once I actually start writing the story.

This afternoon I have to take my cosplaying daughters to some event they’ve got going, then pick them up three hours later. Then I need to make dinner and pick my husband up. At 9:00 I’ll go pick up a friend and go to the last-minute planning event for my Nanowrimo region and hopefully avoid passing out before midnight so I can participate in the kick off (and not snore while out in public).

In between all of this I’m trying to finish reading Stealing Hollywood, Screenwriting Tricks for Authors. I’ll be reading it/working through it during all of Nano. This year I’m limited on how long I can sit and write because of back pain but I have the time to write. To avoid frustration I plan to read about writing when I’m not doing the physical act during my writing time. Most of the last third of the book consists of breakdowns of movies to show the structure. I’m interested in this but if I somehow write longer than I plan in a day I’m not going to feel guilty for not reading it. On the other hand since reading these breakdowns can only help me with my story and in the future, I don’t have to feel guilty for reading it when I can’t write.

As for my story this year, as mentioned I have the plot mostly figured out but I’m still struggling with character names. I may have to pick really bad place holder names for now. You know the kind you would never actually use in the finished story. Right now I have a character I only call ‘2nd wife’, two potential love interests called ‘male love interest’ and ‘female love interest’ and one ‘guy in charge.’ I also haven’t named any of the necessary minor characters. Hell I haven’t even fleshed out any minor characters. Most don’t show up until the second act and I’m enough of a pantser to be okay with figuring them out as I go along.

My biggest fear for Nanowrimo this year is life is going to get in the way of me writing every day and I might not finish. I don’t mean I’m afraid it will. I mean it definitely will so I’m worried about it. I will have two medical procedures that don’t take long but will leave me loopy afterwards, although maybe I’ll writing something interesting during those times. It’s more likely I’ll want to sleep. Also between my daughter’s orthodontist appointments and Thanksgiving break from school, there will be many interruptions. Plus stupid little things like eating, bathroom breaks and showering and my limited ability to sit in one position for long.

Honestly I don’t think I’ll win this year but I want to write as much as I can. My daily goals are small and manageable but I’m still nervous. There is something about Nano that brings out obsession in writers. I don’t want to fall victim to that again because disappointment sucks.

I’m going back to my book/prep.Good luck to everyone trying their hand at Nanowrimo this year.


  1. I am doing everything I can to be ready for Nano. I also have a first minute write in tonight which will be rough given that I have an ugly cold. So for me prep means rest, blow my nose, rest, steam my head, rest, drink some tea, rest – well you get the picture. But don’t stress place holders. Last year I wrote my entire novel with placeholders like (restaraunt) (hospital) (location) (bachelor 1) LOL. I spent a good deal of time in January researching reasonable fill ins for those place holders.

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