Everything (Mostly Nanowrimo) Update

Nanowrimo: I’ll start with my most important update – Nanowrimo word count as of day 6: 15,006.

I went to the first write-in of the month last night thinking I’d be lucky to get a few hundred words in but was pleasantly surprised to end the night with 2868. This helped my poor deflated writer ego because the day before I only wrote 863. I’m ahead of the average daily goal of 1667 a day but I need all the padding I can get because of days I won’t be able to write much if at all.

So my muse is happy with me for the time being and my story is going well. There are some things I need to figure out still. For example, I need to either find more ways to destroy/get rid of ghosts or make some up. Researching this has been…interesting. Last night I searched for ways to force a ghost to rest and one of the results was: Everything you need to know about ghost sex. Seriously, ghost sex? If it wasn’t perverted stuff it was silly crap. One site recommended asking the ghost nicely to leave you alone and another said religion works but only if you believe in the religion. Yes, it was really that vague. My story is about a war between humans and ghosts. I need more than polite questions. I don’t think any ghost who witnesses my character salting and burning bones will respond well to asking nicely.

I’ll probably make up some religious ceremonies and spells. Looking up real spells has been laughable. In spite of all this the story is moving along great. I need to introduce more characters, which I still need to come up with, and I’ve been working on a battle scene, actually the most important one of the story. Most of the other ‘battles’ have been one-sided. Humans can hurt and stop the ghosts temporarily but haven’t found a way to destroy them all. Ghosts however, while they can’t physically harm the humans themselves, they can still cause the death of a human through trickery and fear. They also can possess people and use their hosts to kill.

I wrote a few scenes where humans are fighting possessed humans. They are as horrifying as I can make them. These fights demoralize the human survivors of this ghost apocalypse. Imagine the only way to avoid death is to kill a hapless victim of possession. Every choice these people make comes down to the lesser of two evils. There are no good options, yet.

Today I plan to skip ahead and write about the things that happen after some good options are finally discovered. Plus finish the big battle scene. There is an ‘un-write-in’ in my Nano region and I’ll be going. The site is my usual writing spot when I get out of the house to work so it’s perfect for me. I’ll be there early to eat lunch and save some tables for the others.

Medical: Early yesterday morning I had some injections in my back. It was my third time but this time it was a different type. They did a temporary nerve block in three discs in my lower back. The point was if it gave me pain relief for up to six hours, then in couple of weeks they will go in and permanently block the same nerves. I didn’t have much faith in it because nothing else we’ve tried has worked but this did! It’s not perfect relief but it’s enough to justify doing the next procedure. It also keeps me from having surgery, at least for a while. That’s a big deal since the surgery I’ll eventually need is pretty serious. So yay!

Other writing: HA! What other writing? Actually…I did write a flash fiction piece right after Nanowrimo started, a 100 word story. It needs a lot of work but nothing could convince me to get into editing mode this month. So other than that piece I’ve stuck strictly with The Ghost War. Even when I get distracted it’s still within this story. The other day I went to a coffee shop and there was a very grumpy barista working. I spent twenty minutes watching her interact with her coworkers and customers, then turned her into a character. I needed someone to kill off anyway. This girl was fascinating as a character. I don’t know what was wrong with her but everyone in the place stayed as far from her as they could manage. For a while I didn’t think I was going to get any writing done since I couldn’t stop watching lol. Eventually I decided that not only had I seen enough but I was going to give the girl a complex so I got to work on the fun scene she inspired.

Everything else: My family is surviving me doing Nano. My dogs have become experts at guilt trips and my husband is amazing about everything. I finally did my laundry. I had put it off almost to the point of having to wear skirts and tank tops, right when the temperature dropped! Let’s not talk about everyone else’s laundry…at least I washed the towels!

Hope everyone else doing Nanowrimo is doing well. We’ve got this!


  1. Sounds like you’re having fun.Good! Getting a little ahead on he word count is fantastic as there will certainly be days you either can’t write or don’t want to.
    It’s great that you’re out of pain at least temporarily. I hope the next procedure does the job for you.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. The war between ghosts and humans sounds fascinating, Kristi. I wrote a YA a couple months back dealing with spells; I wanted it intentionally vague (it was only a short story and had plenty of ‘flesh’ to it already), so I made up stuff. In any case, this’s a cool update. I’d love to read this book once it’s done, and/or your drabble (100-word story) for that matter. Happy writing, and a double-hurrah for the pain relief and support you’ve had for NaNoWriMo thus far.

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  3. Neat idea, a war between ghosts (who used to be human) and humans. I can see the trouble with trying to put them all to rest, especially if you can’t find their bones. If you’re looking for ideas, one popped into my head (not sure if it was because of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie or not). How about a portal to the other plane? Purgatory, or maybe some other unsuspecting haunt (heh). Fire it up, and suck up all the ghosts in the vicinity. Or some way to charge the air so they can’t materialize. Or a trap. Gotta love traps. Some sort of salt- or iron-based Faraday cage for ghosts. Good luck for more NaNo progress!

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