We get snow in west Texas, we really do, but not often and not very much at a time and it never stays around for long. Today we could get up to 15 inches. The real problem is the wind is blowing. Forty mph steady and 50-60 mph gusts, technically a blizzard. If you look at the picture, I’m somewhere in the middle of all that blue, definitely not a radar picture I’ve seen often here. Oh and with the wind chill it feels like 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Everyone in this town freaks out at 2 or 3 inches of snow so you can imagine the mentality now. I’ve been looking through pictures on Facebook of long lines (last night) and empty shelves in all the grocery stores. There is also the inevitable snide comments from people stating it’s a snow storm not the zombie apocalypse.

No the world isn’t ending internet smart-asses but there are over 200,000 people in this city and while there is plenty of grocery stores to serve the community, there are not a lot of them. If each (intelligent) family buys one loaf of bread, one gallon of milk and a few non-perishable food items all on the same night, yes, the shelves are going to become empty quickly.

We’re being advised not to drive for any reason, with the exception of police officers, fire fighters and medical personnel. For me, I’m glad to see so many people making sure they were prepared for what is definitely an out of the ordinary storm. Did I mention they’re calling it Goliath? I didn’t even know winter storms could be big enough to get a name! It will get worse tonight.

I’ve been binge watching a show that will not be named but is a great example of cliff-hanger endings so I’m calling it research. If/when the power goes out I have a book light and board games. I made sure everyone knew where their coats are and extra blankets were placed in handy places. My husband is off work and my kids should be here before the really bad stuff starts. One works at the closest grocery store and they are closing at 5:00. They normally stay open until 11:00!

As for writing, well, if the power goes out, maybe I’ll write some scary short stories. Otherwise I have my revision to work on. It’s mostly reading a printed out copy of my story anyway. Wish me luck!

Sidenote: The snow drifts are four to ten feet deep and I bet we’re not the only ones with no snow shovels. Oh well, live and learn!


  1. It snowed four times last week at our place. It’s not that unusual for us but is totally counter to the winter everyone said we would have. LOL. Kiddo has loved it though, sledding in his own yard tops his list of fun winter activities.

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