Revisions on the fairy tale are moving along slowly. This may sound like a bad thing but it’s not. I have a bad habit of rushing though everything I do. With this story I’m trying to be the tortoise. I want to do it right. I’m a little biased but I believe it is a good story and if I take my time with revision it can be a great story.

My muse of course hates every moment of it. While reading through my draft and noting mistakes or promises I need to fulfill or even the good stuff, ideas for other things keep intruding.

I’ve had great scenes burst into my head, for a story I haven’t started writing. Timelines for my fantasy project swirl around daily and ways to fix my ghost stories crop up. It’s all very distracting but I’m trying my best to stick to one thing at a time.

I wrote some flash to make the muse happy but it backfired and now I am having to pull myself out of creative mode and back into editor mode.

Now I know myself well enough to realize I’m going to cheat on my current project no matter how hard I try not to. It’s impossible for me to stay faithful to one story. I am toying with the idea of more structured weeks. It may seem weird to schedule specific days for creativity but it might be what works for me. In truth, it’s the scheduled revision days I need. If I can stick to those days then my muse can do what it wants the rest of the week.

Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays are the days I get nothing done. My husband works long hours on the other days so he gets these three days off. I can manage to write flash fiction when he’s home but honestly I’d rather spend the time with him since I don’t really seem him on his work days.

If I schedule my revision days for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, with Saturday being open I’ll probably be more productive. Most of the flash fiction I’ve written lately has been on a Saturday but so have most of my lazy days, which is why I’ll leave it open.

Today is a room cleaning day. My desk is three sided and I tend to pile stuff up on it. I know where everything is in each pile but it’s just too much and needs to be straightened up. Also, with all the wind we’ve had in my area I desperately need to dust, something I despise because of allergies. I might clean out my closet (HA!) and all the dreaded laundry.

I have to do it today because I’m in cleaning mode. The other day we took down the Christmas tree. It was in a corner and when it was moved I freaked out. There was so much stuff, dirt, dust, and general grossness under that tree I thought I was going to strangle someone. Much to my family’s surprise I got down on the floor and cleaned most of it. While down there I got to see all the places my son skips when he cleans. I won’t go into detail but I will say no one was brave enough to speak to me during this process. Except the vacuum running in the background (you’re the best Justin), the house was silent. Maybe the kids should have taken over but I wouldn’t have let them.

It kept getting worse and by the time I was finished all the furniture was rearranged and I might have temporarily broken my children’s inbred habit of piling junk up on every available surface.

I would have deep cleaned the whole house but my back was killing me the next day so it’s left for today. One great thing happened after my cleaning rampage. My daughter got serious about a much needed organizing of her room and an area of the garage we let her use. If I could have I would have danced for joy.

So, I probably won’t have another writing update until the middle or end of next week but I hope to post another short story before then. I also go to the doctor on Tuesday so I might have a medical update too (fingers crossed).

I actually thought this was going to be a short post when I started!


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