Actually, I have very little to update. Not much writing has been happening at my house. On Thursday I managed to hurt my back more. All I did was shift around in my seat in the car and BAM pain abounds. I don’t know if it was a muscle spasm or what but I know that ever since that day my pain level has risen and stayed higher than it was previously and now I have pain shooting down my leg.

The good/bad news is I have a procedure on Friday that gets me one step closer to fixing these issues. The bad part is what they will be doing to my back will hurt, on purpose. It’s a test designed to figure out how bad the disks are and which ones need to be fixed. From what I understand they will insert a needle into each disk and apply pressure in three rising stages. I then tell them how much it hurts. At the same time they will put a dye in and I’ll have a CT scan after they finish so they can see how bad it is.

This is a necessary step before surgery but certainly not one I’m looking forward to, hence the good/bad.

Because of all this extra pain I haven’t gotten a thing done. I’ve been thinking about my stories, which is necessary, but no physical writing. Today and tomorrow I plan to make a index card outline for my witch story. I’ve decided it needs to be written in the three act structure and pinning the cards on a bulletin board will help a lot. If I can I’ll start writing the thing, fingers crossed!

Wednesday is for flash fiction. I don’t know what I’ll write yet but I hope to write 3-4 five hundred word stories. There is a prompt I came up with for this weeks Write Anything Wednesday that I can’t wait to tackle.

Thursday I’m not allowed to take my pain meds so I don’t think writing is on the menu. The doctor told me that by Friday evening, after my procedure, I should be leveled out with the pain but that means a full day of ouch so I don’t have high hopes for getting work done then either.

Next week’s update should have more writing than medical junk. Have a great Monday!


  1. Well , enjoy your Tuesday and Wednesday the best you can , brace yourself for Thursday and Friday ( a lot of writing on your head? do you have any character in one of your stories that deserves to go through a lot of pain – maybe you can “divert” yours there 😉 ) and wishing your Saturday and Sunday will be blissful .
    Turtle Hugs

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