It’s less than a week until my surgery. As it gets closer I find myself both more nervous and more excited. The excitement is because I’m taking a step towards getting better. I’m nervous because this step is not only a little dangerous but also will be painful. Swapping one kind of pain for another is not going to be fun but it will be worth it.

I keep going back and forth about what to take to the hospital. My list was shortened considerably when I found out I’d probably only be there two nights. I’m not taking my laptop but I am taking a spiral in case my muse shows up. I thought I might work on one of my classes but I don’t see it happening. Besides, I’m not sure I would feel comfortable taking any electronic devices to the hospital. Especially after signing the forms stating it’s not their fault if someone steals my stuff.

I’ll bring a book but who knows if I’ll be able to read since I’ll be on a lot of meds. There are a lot of unread magazines floating around my house I can bring. Perhaps I can read short pieces if the book is too much.

I bought an adult coloring book in case I get really bored and can’t do anything else. I got one with animals but I was tempted by the ones with curse words because they amused me. However, even though I’m an adult, my mother will be there and I don’t want to have anything like that around her. She would probably laugh but that’s not the point. There are simply things one doesn’t do around one’s mother.

My phone has no music on it but I’ll bring my earbuds anyway. If the wi-fi in the hospital is decent I can listen to Amazon Music or Pandora.

As for a writing update, I’ve written one piece of flash fiction and most of another. The first one was following an writing exercise and needs editing. The other, well I don’t know where it came from or how it will end. I sat down and started writing. By the time I stopped there were 314 words and I didn’t have a clue where I was going with it. It’s about a woman who lets her brother and his two children move in with her after her sister-in-law passes away. Someone starts stealing her stuff and…I have no idea what happens next. I need to think about it for a while.

I don’t normally write this way. Usually I at least have a sense of where I’m going. It’s not unusual for me to be surprised where I end up but this one is different. Going off plan is not the same as not having a plan. Once upon a time I was a ‘pantser’ but not anymore.I have a few ideas for other stories but those may have to wait until after surgery.

Last week I said I was going to go out and take as many pictures as I could between then and surgery. I didn’t. Pain won. Today I feel okay and might have gone out but it’s wet and cold so I’ll pass.

As for reading, I finished the first book in the Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist. I love this series and I’m glad I picked it up again. I reread books often but this is the first time on this one. It’s been long enough since the first time that I don’t automatically remember every detail so it’s almost like reading it for the first time. I do recall a few things as they come up though and it makes me look forward to what’s coming.

There probably won’t be any new updates until the end of next week, assuming I’m up to it. Write Anything Wednesday and the Saturday Six Minute Challenge will still be up on their respective days. I’m working on an article about writer’s block and I’ll post it if I’m finished before my surgery.

Take care and wish me luck!




  1. You will be in my prayers, Kristi. I hope that whatever surgery you are having to endure, and the pain you have been suffering prior, results in a swift recovery.

    May you finally be at peace without feeling pain. I bet being in chronic pain, all the time, has to make for one miserable existence.

    Take care of yourself.

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  2. Much luck to you, Kristi, although I don’t know how much good luck supply I’ve got (it’s never seemed like much!). As to suggestions on what to take for an overnight stay? On my first overnight, I forgot music, so I provided it myself by singing badly (ha!). Definitely music; I like that you’re taking a spiral notebook instead of a computer. I hope you’ll feel like getting some writing done. I would say also some warm, comfortable socks & those light, throwaway gloves (if you’re like me, your feet and hands get cold often–and hospitals, in my experience, seem either overly hot or too cold). Maybe take a magazine you’d like to read or one that’s really visual if you don’t feel like reading. Anyway, hope you have the best outcome possible, and it goes as smoothly and as quickly as can be, and get out of the hospital and back to living soon!

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