Write Anything Wednesday #55

You know the drill, write something. Why? It’s a great day to write and I say why not? Write absolutely anything. Try your hand at flash fiction or write a poem. Make an outline or character sketch. Write a chapter, or as many chapters as you can. Nothing to write about? Try making a list of ideas or free-write. Make Wednesday your weekly no-matter-what writing day. If this isn’t a good day then pick another. The important thing is to simply write.

If you feel stumped grab a timer and do ten minute sprints. The first time you do this might not garner great results but the more you do the more you get used to it and your muse will start to shine.

If you would like a prompt:

  • If that hero is such a good man, why do all the dogs hate him?
  • What if the prince was turned into a frog but the one destined to save him with a kiss likes him better as an amphibian?
  • Your character can travel to any point in time, but he/she can’t go back to his/her own time. Where/When do their go?

Happy writing!


  1. Lost without a dream in sight
    With nothing around me, an endless night
    Thoughts usually scattered, popping up and fading
    Finally to find true meaning in repose. Trading
    Calm winds and poetic stories for emptiness
    No sound, no color, no visual, no fullness
    Of promise for another day–Is there one left?
    Or is there only death…
    When the dreams end
    What happens then?

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