Overdue Update 3/14/2016

I’m doing okay since my surgery. Recovery has been slow but steady. I knew going in I would be extremely sore the first couple of weeks but wow, this hurts! I suppose it makes sense because I have a large incision, screws and a rod were put into my spine and there was bone ground away. Still, it’s not pleasant.

On a good note, this pain is completely different from what I’ve been going through for the past year. It’s clearly all surgery related so I feel like it worked. I just have to get past the recovery. The doctor told me after the first couple of weeks I would start seeing improvement at a faster rate. So hopefully I’ll have a happier update next week!

No writing has been accomplished during this time. I haven’t even been able to read much. My mother told me the reading thing happened to her after surgery and it took her quite a while to get back to normal.

I’ve had a few writing ideas so maybe I’ll be able to get something on paper soon. I’m not going to push myself though. I can’t sit at the computer for very long but it’s getting better.

So what have I been doing with my time? Nothing useful. I play a lot of solitaire when on the computer and some puzzle games on the tablet when I have to lay down. I’ve caught up on all the shows I watch by myself. When my husband is home we watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We are on a mission to watch all the Star Trek shows, except Enterprise. We’re on season 6 of DS9 and normally watch two episodes a day. We watched more like 4-5 my first few days home from the hospital though. We’ll start on Voyager soonish. I’m not so sure he’ll enjoy it but I mostly liked it, even with the silliness.

The only other thing I’ve done since I got home was watch a whole lot of news when my mom stayed with me during the days for half a week. I’m not really into politics. I keep up but I don’t watch a lot of stuff about it. I mostly get my news online. However, my mom loves news programs and I don’t normally watch TV in the afternoons. So I handed her the remote and a channel guide and told her she was in charge. I didn’t mind watching and learned a lot. I still won’t watch those shows on my own but it was a nice change of pace.

As for goals, I have a list I hope to check off as soon as possible:

  • Read. I can read tidbits online but I want to read stories again.
  • Write. This is always a goal but I hope I can get back to a daily regime, or even close to daily.
  • Photography. I miss it!
  • Cook dinner. I haven’t been able to cook dinner by myself in months. This is also probably one of my kids’ goals for me.
  • Play World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 again. The way I have to sit in my chair to play these games is impossible for me right now.
  • Put on socks easily. I can do it, but it’s difficult.
  • Eat properly. I eat, but for some reason I get nauseated with every meal.
  • Drink water without feeling sick. As with eating, drinking water makes me nauseated. I’ve been eating a lot of ice to keep hydrated.
  • Go to Sam’s without having to use one of those scooter cart things. I used one for the first time ever on Sunday because I was determined to get out of the house and help with the shopping. I’ll admit it was a little fun but I don’t like having to use it. We were finished quickly because the cart moved faster than I was able to walk the last few months.
  • Pick up things. I’ve developed this tendency to drop stuff now that I can’t pick it up! My mom gave me a long-handled grabber but it doesn’t work on everything.
  • Get off of pain pills! I hate taking them and can’t wait to stop.
  • Pet my dogs. Unless I sit on the edge of the bed and convince them to get up on their hind legs and lean on me, which they hate, I can’t pet them at all.
  • Drive. My doctor told me to use common sense when deciding to drive again. I know it will be at least a couple of more weeks.
  • Get my own ice. Since I can’t bend and we have a bottom freezer I can’t do this. We have an ice maker in the top but it mysteriously stopped working.
  • Work out. Since about a month, maybe two, before surgery I’ve lost a lot of weight. I can’t eat as much as I should because of the pain pills making me sick. It sucks to lose weight in an unhealthy manner but I hope to take advantage of it when I can finally get into a gym.

There are many more things I want to do but the list is long enough for now! I’m feeling a little better every day so I’ll be able to post more often soon. Also, I realized it is not a story, but I was able to write this post without having to struggle too much. I’m calling it progress!



  1. You seem to be in good spirits. From what I’ve read, attitude during such times can make a big difference. All I can say is that when I was in rehab for my disability, the therapy went better when I was in a good mood.

    I should be more up to date with the news, both local and world. Often I get to caught up in my own little world losing sight of what’s outside my front door. Having physical limitations shouldn’t mean living in a closet.

    That’s quite a list. Petting an animal has so many psychological benefits. Is there anything you can do to get closer to your dogs right now?

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  2. If you don’t already know, a fabulous way to write then you are sick is to talk your drafts out loud. Plug in a headphone with a mic, Using chrome, open a new google doc, pull down the text talk in the tool menu and start rambling.

    This is a good time to experiment, not too frustrating to get a new system working , and you can get out quite a few ideas started up in some rambling sessions. Create word count . With your eyes closed.

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  3. I’m glad the surgery was a success! Just be careful how long you’re sitting upright. The seated position contains the most compressive forces on our lumbar spine and can cause more soreness and nerve irritation. Especially after surgery. Sorry for getting on my PT soapbox 🙂 Feel better soon!

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  4. I’m glad you are recovering, painful as it is. When I had my back surgery last year, i was in rehab for a month. I have another herniated disc and I’m not opting for surgery this time. I live at the hands of the medical establishment and hate it. Take good care of yourself.

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