Update 3/28/2016

I’m listening to a plumber remove my old, worn out water heater. It’s the sweetest sound I’ve heard all week. Saturday night, the night before Easter, I went out to the garage to throw some cans in the recycling bin. I stepped on a wet spot on the doormat and entered into a nightmare realm.

There was water pooled around the door to the water heater/furnace closet. I opened that door and saw there was also water on the floor under the water heater. After calling my husband out there to look I went straight to Google and learned about too much sediment and that a replacement was necessary. On a holiday weekend.

It got worse. The valve to turn off the water line to the tank was so corroded it wouldn’t turn. Since it was getting late we just turned off all the water until we could get the valve moving. After some vinegar and lots of effort from my husband, it turned so we could have water in the house again but no showers. Of course everyone needed one.

You can imagine how miserable we all were Sunday. I have a sensitive nose so I avoided everyone but my husband, who luckily didn’t smell terrible. It also didn’t help that the sink was full of dirty dishes, so I stayed out of the kitchen too.

I can’t wait to take a shower. But I have to. I still can’t do that by myself so I have to wait until my husband gets home so he can help me.

I can however make my son get in the shower as soon as the new water heater is installed!

As for my recovery, I’m doing a little better. I’ve stopped taking one of my pain meds. I’m not quite ready to stop the other but I’m close. I’m almost to the point where even if I stop taking the big drug I will still have to take Aleve or Tylenol or something. I’m just happy to be off Dilaudid. I haven’t taken it for two days and my head is already clearer.

I still can’t bend, twist, or lift anything but I can get in and out of bed easier and I’m not napping as much as I was. I do still get worn out pretty quickly but I’m working on it.

Finally I had to admit I needed to do something about my clothing situation. I’ve both gained and lost a lot of weight since this back pain ordeal started. None of the clothes in my closet fit. Literally nothing. However, I’m a woman and I did what all women do. Once I gained weight I put away all the clothes I couldn’t wear, in case I ever lost the weight. On Thursday I had my husband bring in the two large boxes full from the garage and I started trying on shirts.

Now, I’ve always admitted to a weakness for cute shirts but I had no idea how out of hand I had been previously with buying them until I wore myself out trying on the multitude I’d acquired. I filled up a rather wide and tall hamper with only shirts I’d saved, most of which looked like they’d only been washed once or twice. I was appalled at myself while also being happy they all fit.

The jeans and pajama bottoms will have to wait a while. I didn’t have the energy to try any on after the shirts and I kept putting it off all weekend. Maybe I’ll try them today. It’s ironic because it was all my pants being too big that got me to realize I needed to fix the situation. My next step is to put away the shirts too big for me. I hope I never need them again!

I don’t have a writing update but I have something close. I actually read a little bit of a book last night! It was only eleven pages but I was thrilled. I was able to understand and retain what I was reading. So a big step in the right direction. I’m going to try to read a little more each day. I’m hoping this will lead to me being able to write again. I’ve had ideas but besides jotting them down and writing blog posts I haven’t done any actual writing. With my concentration back on track I believe I’ll get back to it soon.

Hopefully I’ll post a writing update next week. Fingers crossed, although I don’t need luck, just patience and effort!


  1. Ugh, that’s terrible, Kristi! As a survivor of the failing sump-pump wars (and a homeowner for more than 10 years), I can empathize with the water-heater issues. It’s great to own (or rent) your own home, to a point. To the point that you start incurring lots of expenses and not enough time (or money) to repair everything. I’m glad you guys were able to survive a few days without the H20-heater and now it’s being fixed. Best wishes that you’ll be able to write-write (that is, write fiction) again soon, as well as read longer stuff!

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  2. Wow! I firmly believe that those major items, such as water heaters, and other things we think we can’t live without always pick the most inconvenient time to conk out! I can only imagine how this must have made you feel, in light of your ongoing back surgery recovery. Glad to hear that you continue to feel better and that the water heater dilemma is taken care of. 🙂

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  3. Oh gosh, I remember when our water pump went out once, in the winter. We were melting snow on the stove to fill baths, for 6 people. So, I can imagine the level of not fun you had going on over there… on a holiday too!

    Glad you are doing better and getting back to reading though! ^-^

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  4. Kristi, Glad you are feeling better. I enjoyed your post, and that is writing. I’m struggling as well to write anything and happy I posted this week. Don’t have a big health concern just out of practice. Be Well

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  5. Despite the stupid water heater (been there, done that too), your writing of this post seems happier. Maybe it’s just that you’re more alert with out that med. Will you be put into physical therapy to loosen your muscles and get nerve response?

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